The Muse…. Part two

The Muse….. Part two..

You would think working both nights, and seeing her.. I would get a little action. A little tease. But, my little naughty girl thinks she has all the control. Why do I have to keep showing her that she doesn’t! It kinda makes me laugh. But, that’s ok; I will go along with her game. At least it’s Saturday, and I only have about an hour of work left. But, my soon found happiness of leaving is shorted by, doing more work. ,,,, Well since I am the nicest guy I will help out. Seems like everyone wanted to buy books.

Soon she walks in, as I’m trying to get things done. Like I said, I am the nicest guy and I will help out. It’s just a shame that others don’t see my greatness. As soon as I start helping put books away. I hear her talking; I turn around and see her walking towards her table. And, came over to where I was. I couldn’t help but get a little hard when I saw her. But, I couldn’t let her see that. So I moved to the other side of the book shelf. If she saw my dick hard, God only knows what she would have said,,,, or did.

Her jeans are so fucking tight. I would love to smack her tight ass right then and there. Watching her face get all shocked, red, then turn into a naughty smile. Her shirt was beyond tight. How did she get into it? Her tits pushed out, you could really tell just how big they are.

Of course we made our small talk, and I kept putting books away. She went to her table and starting doing her thing. Where she sits I can still see her. And, seeing her makes my cock harder. I love watching her, and relishing the idea that she things she has all the control. But, she doesn’t know anything! What a naughty girl!

I slowly start in on her once again. Small touches, whispers, telling her how badly I would love to fuck her in the ass. Things that I know will make her wet, make her all blushed in the face. Hot and bothered, are ya honey? This is too much fun, how fast I can break her down. How hard is that clit? How wet is that pussy?

I got everything put away and done. She did a few more things, and was about to leave too. We walked out together. I told her she could sit in my car and I would drive her to her car since it was raining. We talked for a bit, she asked me.. “Wanna come with me and get some coffee?”

That is a good fucking idea! So we met at a diner and talked more.. Nothing more than small talk and drinking our coffee. She is so easily excitable, just little talks about sex and she lets out little moans, trying not to think of the wetness in her jeans. Trying not to hear the dirty things I say. We both get done with our coffee and walk out together. I watch her pull out and leave, but for some reason I follow her. Where is she going?

I followed her, but not too closely. I watched her pull into the parking a lot of a hotel. I pull in behind her and park, watch her go in, and sit here thinking about this… What is she doing?

I get out of my truck and walk in, and up to the front desk. I can’t believe I am doing this. I tell the woman her name and she tells me what room she is in. I find her room and press my ear to the door, all I can hear is the shower going. I try the doorknob and it’s unlocked. I peck in and there is no one else in the room, and all her clothes are on the floor.

Walking in, and thinking of what I should do. I hear the water stop, and the door opens. She walks out with the towel in her face, and is drying her hair. Not even noticing me. Buck ass naked, dripping wet, and her body red from the hot shower, I can see the steam coming off of her. I keep watching her, my dick pounding hard. Needing to be free from my own jeans. She turns around and goes back into the bathroom. Not once even seeing me.

I walk very slowly to the edge of the bathroom door. Leaning in, her back facing me, I watch her put her lotion on. One leg on the tub and her ass high in the air, my dick about to bust out! Her little moans fill the bathroom. I want to go up behind her so badly, to touch her, to feel her.

“How long are you going to stand there?” She asked

What the fuck! How did she know I was here?

“I saw your hat on the table” she said

She turned around and started to walk towards me, she grabbed my cock.

“Who’s easily excitable now?” She asked

She walked away from me, and sat on the edge of the bed, and went to putting her lotion back on. I walk over to her and touch her silky soft skin, running my fingers down to the tip of her ass.

“Take off your clothes” She demanded

I stood there kinda shocked, and then did what she asked. I will play your little game.

“Get on the bed and lay on your stomach!” She demanded again.

Her tone of voice was strong, and very sexy. So I did. I’ll keep playing your little game honey, so I get undressed, and lay down like she asked me too.

I feel her sit on my lower back. I can hear her rubbing her hands together. She starts to rub my neck and my back. Her hands were stronger than I thought they would be. I could feel her pussy on me and how wet she was getting. I had to feel it, I tried to touch her, but she pushed my hand away.

Lowing herself down on me. She began to give me kisses on my back. Down my legs, thighs, she moves my legs apart. Kissing and licking my inner thighs. Soon I felt her tongue on my balls. I let out a little moan, I couldn’t help it, and it felt so good.

She placed her hands on ass and slightly pushed me up. Never taking her tongue off my balls, she slowly moves to my cock. Kissing and licking my dick. I couldn’t do anything but lay there. The pleasure is almost too overwhelming.

She kept going. Licking and sucking. Then I could feel her move her hand move on my cock. Lifting myself up some, so she could reach it better. Hoping she wouldn’t stop. Stroking me, licking me, back, forth, from my tip to my balls. Her tongue felt so good. But, then out of the blue she stopped. But, her hand never left my dick. Jacking me off and her other hand rubbing my balls. Rhythm of the hand job she was giving me made my body started to jerk and buck with the same movement. I could feel myself ready to cum. She could tell as well, she stopped again! Removed her hand from my cock, slapped my ass and got up.

Wait a fucking second here! What do you think you are doing?? I don’t think so!

Before she was even off the bed. I pulled her back down. She landed on her back, and I held her down with one hand and, let my other go to work on her!

“So , you like to tease,,, huh” I asked

She didn’t say anything, just smiled.

I ran my hand over her hard nipples, kissed them once, and let my hand find her hard clit. She was dripping wet. Rubbing her clit, sticking one finger in and then two. Finger fucking her fast, watching her try to move. Bucking her hips, trying to match my speed. I got her flowing now, making her flush all over my hand. Her body was red once again. I stop…….. Flip her over.

“Get on all fours!” I demanded!!!

I pulled her ass higher in the air, and just looked at it. Watching her rock back and forth…. Moaning….

I run my hand through her hair, pulling it hard. She lets out a little louder moan. Letting my hand run down her back, over her ass, and leaving it with one good smack!

I pull her closer to me, I dive my face into her pussy. Eating her, licking her, letting my hand find her again. Finger fucking her again. Her moans turn into screams.

“OH ,OH! PLEASE DON’T STOP!!” she begged

“OH, OHHHH YOU’RE GONNA MAKE ME CUM!!” she screamed out

Faster and faster I pump my fingers into her cunt, my face deeper. I feel her body start to jerk, and I can feel her ready to cum again. I, stopped, and pulled my hand away.

I leaned down to her ear,,,, see baby never play a game you can’t win….

“PLEASE, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME!!!” she said….

I pull at her hips, and start to rub my dick on her pussy. That was beyond wet! I spread her ass apart, and jammed myself into her. I about came right there! Her ass is so tight around my dick. I had to wait a second before I started.

“OHHHHHHHH!!” is all she moaned

Backing up against me, I held her hips harder. I drilled my cock into her tight asshole. Faster and faster. Moving my hand around to reach her clit. So hard, so wet. Rubbing it in circles, and fucking the hell out of her. She leans forward to grab ahold of the headboard. Pushing herself deeper into me. But, that’s not what I wanted. I CONTROL THIS!! I stopped once again; I grab her legs and spun her around. Putting her legs on my shoulders, I jam my cock in her ass again. Leaning my hands down close to her face, thrusting myself all the way into her.

Her moans getting louder with each thrust. She is bucking at me faster. I could feel her wetness all over me. I had to feel her pussy around my cock. All hot and wet. I lifted her up and took my cock out of her ass and slide pussy down my shaft. OH MY GOD!! Her pussy was so wet, I about lost it again. Taking a few seconds to regain my control. I start pulling her up and down, letting her pussy grind into me. She began to rock back and forth. Her moans are out of this world. How many times could she cum? I could feel her start to lose her rhythm. I rolled her over back to her stomach, my dick never leaving her pussy. She wrapped her legs as best as she could around me and, fucked me back. OH DAMN! I couldn’t take it anymore! I was going to cum!! Two more thrusts in, and I pulled out. She sat up fast and grabbed my dick. Jacking me off, she leans her head back and I came into her mouth.

After that, all I could do was fall down on the bed. I watched her lick her fingers. Her body still shaking from the orgasms I gave her, her body glowing from sweat and falls down right next to me….

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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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