Scent of the Night….

My name is Rebecca, and I am a night shifter. I have been since birth. I can be in the light of day and function. I am not a vampire. I do however turn into something more at night. All of my senses bloom. I see things, hear things, taste and smell different. And touching is breathtaking.

I was born in Ireland. During the Ides of March. I have been alone since I can clearly remember. Traveling the world, countries, states, and cities looking for more of my kind.

I met Aidan years ago, in a pub when I was back in Ireland. He was one of the first who could feel, taste and smell my hunger! All of our encounters have since first meeting been strange to say the least!

Throughout all my travels, I’ve never had a lover like Aidan! He consumes me! There is something in my body that craves him, something in my body that burns for him. He haunts my dreams.

It’s been months since I have seen him or should I say since he found me. Somehow he always finds me. My lust must travel through the air. No matter where I have been, he appears! ~ and feeds me….

Then in a blink of an eye~

He’s gone.

Now! Now it’s my turn to find him! I can no longer control my thoughts. I need to find him! The sooner the better! My hunger has turned into starving.

Finely arriving in my homeland. Just breathing in the air, I can feel myself recharging.  I gather my bags and head to my car and drive to the castle where I was born in. It has been in my family for centuries. Hidden deep in the woods, surrounded by nature. Just thinking about it, my body starts to change. I become more ME.

This party happens every year. And, always at my home. Different kinds of people, mixing together. Enjoying each other. Refueling from each other.

As I walk in, the ballroom is filled with all the luster of the night. Candles everywhere.  No “real” light anywhere. Music, laughter and sexuality filling the atmosphere.

People everywhere. Almost to crowed. Just walking though I get touched, grabbed, and I’m touching others. Ball gowns cover all the women, and the men in tails. Extremely formal.  The masks donned on the faces, luxury at its finest.  All you can see were their eyes. Eyes truly are the windows to the soul.

And, everyone’s eyes are wide open! Ready to explore the night; explore the dimensions of each other’s minds.

Black and red, satin and lace is my dress. Tight fitting corset, my breasts barely contained. My mask is handmade to match my dress. So black, so dark, you could barely see the whites of my eyes, but makes the emerald shine! I have been told by others you can feel the heat, the sex coming from my eyes.

Scanning the room looking, I can feel him here. I’m trying to fight my way through the crowd, through the chaos. Trying, almost desperately, trying to find him.

I am so hungry!!

Aidan can only feed me! Fill me up! His touch sets me on fire. Unable to cool off. The seed of his desire is planted deep within me. Oh! I long for him.  I replay the times we have been together over and over in my head. It excites me, tingles me to my core!

I stop my search for Aidan, to “take-care” of myself. Not giving a damn that people have stopped to watch me. It only excites me more. My hand far up my dress, my wetness greeting me first. Touching myself softly, wanting this feeling to last! In and out, I circle my swollen jewel. My moans are masked by the music playing. Only those privileged enough to ne close to me are able to hear my song of self-pleasure. My hand playing to the beat of the music. I explode as the song ends. I open my eyes to stare into those of my audience. A smile crosses my face, because I know they enjoyed the show!

Quickly grabbing the hand of an on-looker, I bring him close to me. Without words he gets on his knees. I cover him up with my dress. No direction is needed. His tongue is right where it should be! Licking up my sweetness. Bring back the feeling I just gave myself. He is a master of his craft. Like a delicious meal, he devours me. His face deep in my pussy, I cover him in my nectar.

He doesn’t want to stop, he wants more. Clawing at me, pulling me down more onto his face. I now know I am in his veins.

After my release, I get over come with a moment of clarity. And, remember what I am here for. During mid-tongue stroke I stand up, free myself and walk away. Leaving my giver still on his knees. But, I’m not a total greedy bitch. I walk back to my giver and kiss him ~ deeply, long and hard!

~ Thank –you~


Walking through the crowd. Being wrapped in the lust, smoke, music and touch. Perfume, cologne, food and wine linger through the air and landing on my nose. My mouth waters with the excitement in this room. Makes my fire grow, the yearning stronger.

Walking through the crowd. There are hands everywhere, grabbing at me, pulling at me. Trying to distract me from my goal. But, my passion, my deep rooted desire pulls me through.

Scanning the ball room again. I see him! Oh! My lover, my Aidan. Standing in the crowd, standing alone.  I am surprised he hasn’t picked up my scent.

He’s dressed all in black. His mask, covering all of his face. All I can see is his eyes, so hazel! The candle light shines the gold in them. I need to stop and plan my actions.

How will I handle this?

I look up, hope to meet his stare.

He’s gone!!! Damn it!!!! I should have kept walking. I spin around, looking everywhere, at everyone. FUCK!

I was so close. I feel deflated. I grab a drink from a passing waiter and, head for the balcony. In one big drink I swallow the entire absinthe. In hopes the green fairy will make my night better!


Quickly falling~

Falling…… Down……


Hands wrap around my waist pulling me back up! I feel a body pressed up against me. I’m trying to turn around to see who it is. I can’t move.  His strength is too much for me, or it’s the drink, or both? He takes off, dragging me. I can’t keep up with his stride. Suddenly he stops, picks me up and tosses me over his shoulder and sets off in a run.

The room is spinning!!

STOP! I yell, with all the energy I have left.

He does.

He sits me down. Alone Just us two.  We are in a very poorly lit room. My eyes can’t adjust; there are just a few candles around.  He doesn’t say a word to me. He just walks around me; I can feel his stare ~ animal like.  I can’t meet his eyes. I am trying to gain control over myself.


I smell his aroma. Still deep in the claws of the green fairy, I’m not sure if it is him, really him. Or just a mean trick being played on me.

He touches me,,,,,,, his touch sends lava through my veins.


I’m covered with an instant flush of excitement. Engulfed in flames, unable to move. Entranced – unable to speak ~ to beg for more. Just his fingertips on my exposed skin is all I feel. Leaving a trace of fire behind them.

No words are exchanged. He only spoke with his touch; I spoke with my movements to his touch. And, at that point I knew very clearly it for sure it was my lover. Aidan. I fight all my urges to grab him, to kiss him, to touch him.

But, I can’t move. I’m still stunned he found me. I truly hope this isn’t a cruel joke played by the green fairy. I can’t tell if I’m still under its spell.

I’m becoming intoxicated by his touch.


He stops.


I look around for him. But, it’s hard to see by the little candle light I have. Reaching out to feel for him, Nothing!

How could he tease and just leave!?

Moving around, I keep feeling out for something. Hoping for something. Then I feel a tug on the ribbon on my corset. It stops me in my tracks. I can feel the pull and release of the ribbon and slightly see it fall to the floor. I am now standing topless.


His fingers are scorching on my skin. I know he is standing behind me, I can feel his energy. Now his whole hands are on me, pushing me to walk. Guiding me. He still hasn’t said a word. He doesn’t need to.

My nipples instantly become hard, as I’m pressed against something very cold and hard. A marble pillar. As I wrap my arms around the pillar, I feel him pressing himself against me.

His bare chest touching my bare back, as well as the wetness running down my inner thighs. His body feels amazing against mine. It always does.

Feeling his cock throbbing on me, his hands massaging my breasts. The tension is building and building fast! The pleasure being spiked with pain. I can feel myself swelling. He has my body completely on edge, dying for more.  I feel his hands run down the length of my body, as his body follows.


Pulling up my skirt and places himself underneath me. Places his hands on my thighs, rubbing up and down. My body trembling covered in goose bumps.

Oh! He knows he has me now; I am falling into his control. Mesmerized by his touch, smell, and sound, all of him.

Higher and higher I feel his hands go up. Grazing me with his fingertips. I can feel my pussy aching. If it could talk, it would beg to be fucked!

I know my wetness has to be covering him!

Then!! What I was screaming for in my head. He put his mouth on me, placing burning kisses on my legs, thighs and ass.  He spreads my legs further apart and places his whole hand on my pussy. I almost collapse at that moment!!

I felt his fingers move back and forth, almost matching the rhythm of the music barely noticeable in the room we are in, he’s not missing a beat. His hand is enveloped in me, exploring every part of me.

The room smells like my sex, his musk. Mixing all together, making me feel drunk all over again.

Tipsy. Dizzy ~ unable to stand.

He is still underneath me, I feel him spin around. I can feel the heat of his breath inches away from my hungry cunt. Soft like silk kisses, he kisses me there. Kissing my lips and sucking on my clit, as if he was kissing my mouth and sucking in my tongue. I flush like a waterfall, covering him.

Before I could release again, he stops and gets out from underneath my skirt. I can feel Aidan staring at me. I can feel my body fighting to stay standing, the waves of pleasure keeps hitting me.

I feel his hands untie the belt that holds my skirt. I hear it fall to the ground, and feel his fingers running up and down my back.

Sparks could have come off my body. I am still hugging the pillar, grabbing both of my arms he turns me around. His lips taste like wine. Sweet. I am drunk. I wrap myself around him, as we stay interlocked in our kiss. I let my hands travel his body. His chest, back and down to his hard cock. He puts his hands under my ass and picks me up; I wrap my legs around him. I melt my body against him.

No direction was needed for his cock. It finds its own way into me. I squeeze myself around him. I am ready to cum again and he is still kissing me. His lips have never left mine as he continues to thrust back and forth. Our hands, pulling, grabbing and clawing at each other.

He’s taking me, conquering me.  I gush, flush. Covering him. I can no longer hold back. The buildup was/is too much.  I dig my nails deep into his back as I climax but, Aidan doesn’t stop fucking. Faster! Harder!


Unlocking his lips from mine and pulling himself away from me. Spinning me around, grabbing my hips and quickly placing himself back into me, without losing a stroke.

Feeling his fingers wrap around my hair, giving it a stern tug, as he pushes deeper into me. His other hand caressing my neck, giving me enough pressure to make me cum again.



Faster! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Harder!~~~~~~~~~~~Faster!!

He lets loose on me; the room is filled with my moans. I hear them in my own ears. I’m ready to collapse to the ground, but he holds me in place.

He pulls away again. Face to face. I can feel his eyes looking into mine. Kissing me again, a kiss with such passion and desire, my knees buckle.

I can feel his venom in me, coursing through me. And, all I can do now,,,, is crave more.

Aidan picks me up and carries me to a couch and lays me down.

Has he planned this?

He knows this room to well!!

Could it be Aidan was looking for me?

“Kiss me Rebecca.” He says so softly all I could do was sigh when his voice entered my ears.

I pull him down to my lips and exchange a kiss that set my mouth on fire. After what seemed like another lifetime,  he pulls away from me, running his fingers down the length of my naked body.


He was gone!

No words! Gone. Like a summer breeze, he hugged himself around me and then blew away. His smell is still on me. His taste is still in my mouth.  I can still feel him everywhere on me.

Oh my dark lover, where did you go?

I jolt up off the couch, gathering my clothes and dash to get dressed!!

On the hunt again!!









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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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