Night Out!!!

Night Out

Staring at myself in the mirror, I got my best ass jeans on, sexy top. I look good! I am ready to head out!! I need to unwind, breath……

Walking into the bar, it’s not as crowded as I thought it would be for a Saturday night. Even more perfect!!! I take a seat away from the door. Not that I want to be away from anyone, just want to relax.

“Captain and Coke please” I ask the bartender.

Stirring my drink as I look around. No one I know is here. Good! Letting the music from the jukebox sweep me away. Letting Sade’s “Smooth Operator” take me away. Closing my eyes, falling into myself.

“Excuses me?” a low, soft voice enters my ears.

I open my eyes to look right into a pair of deep green eyes of a woman. “May I sit here?” she asks.

“Of course” I reply.

Black high heel boots, black stockings, leather mini skirt, and a white what could be a corset, I am not sure she has a jacket on. She puts out a very sexy, but controlled vibe. I couldn’t help but stare at her at first. She smiles at me.

I sit and watch three guys come and try to hit on her. She brushes them off, and I watch them leave.

“How is your night?” she leans over to ask me. Her perfume lingers in the air and lands on my nose. She smells amazing. Her skin shines under the lights and I fight my urges to touch her to see if it’s as soft as it looks.

“Fine, thank you” I reply, and yours I ask.

“Much better now” she says with a sly smile on her face.

She moves a seat closer to me and buys my next drink. Through idle conversation. I learn she is a vice-president of a company and she is here on business. I tell her I am here to relax, and that her company was helping. She excuses herself to use the restroom. Sitting here I watch her leave. Her skirt hugging her ass so tightly, I find myself getting wet to that vision.

“I’m starving” I hear her say, as my dirty thoughts are busted.

“Care to go with me?” she asks.

Fighting not to look too excited, I grab my things and we walk out. “How about we grab it to go, and take it back to my room” she says.

What a great idea I think, “Sounds good” I reply.

We take my car, since I live here. I showed her a few places and grabbed food from one of my favorite places. We talk a little. It’s not strange, I feel comfortable with her. All I wonder is, can she feel my excitement? She tells me which hotel, and as she is talking my mind wonders to the thought of sex with her.

Parking the car, she helps me with the food and I follow her to her room. The first thing I notice is how beautiful it is. Big lavish bed smells amazing. I have never been here before. I don’t think I even knew this place was here.

She sets the table and we eat. Not really talking at this point. Very quiet.

“Would you like another drink?” she asks. “Yes, thank you” I reply.

I take off my jacket and take my drink to the window. The view is amazing. I am feeling much more relaxed. As I am about to turn around to see what she is doing, she is standing right in front of me. She pushes me up against the window. Taking my hands and putting them above my head. Feeling the silk around my wrists. She binds them together, using the pole on the window. I watch her take pull out another piece of silk. My excitement level is high! I can feel my panties getting wet and all I can do is sigh.

Leaning closer to me, I can feel her breath on me. Her lips close to mine. I lean in for a kiss and she backs away. I see her eyes one more time, before all I see is black. Hands tied and my eyes covered. I’m beyond aroused. I feel nothing, no touching…..


Her hands undo my jeans and pull them down. She takes off my heels, and pulls off my jeans. Leaving my panties on… which are soaked! She quickly unties me to remove my top.

Bra and panties…

I can feel the coolness of the window on my back.

“Relax” she says. I do as she says, my body begging for her touch.

Down my leg I feel something hard and cold. Running up and down my thigh.

“Spread your legs!” her once soft voice, is now hard and controlled!

I spread them as wide as I can. The hard, cold piece is now being pushed against my wet pussy. No movements. Out of reaction I move my hips to feel it more. As I start, she removes it.

“Do not move!” she says.

I stand still. Hoping whatever she has, she puts it back. My cunt wants to feel it again. To my hope, she does, the object is placed against my clit. I feel her hand in my hair and her lips on my ear.

“Ribbed glass toy, I want you to slide against it.” I want to see you cum”, she says.

Slowly at first, I rock against the toy. Feeling every knot graze my swollen pussy. It doesn’t take me long to cum. She pulls my panties down and off. I feel the toy inside me now. I want to move, but I don’t.

Next, I feel her lips, she tastes like rum. Her tongue dances in my mouth. As she kisses me, she removes the toy and replaces it with her fingers. Her thumb rubbing my hard clit in circles. I’m dripping wet!

“You want me to eat that pussy of yours don’t you?” She says.

All I could do was nod. Never have I experienced this kind of pleasure.

Next I feel her teeth on my nipples. I let out a moan. I feel her come up and untie and move me to the bed. She ties the silk to something and then I feel some around my ankles. I feel her put a pillow or something under me to raise me up.

What must be a much larger toy is put inside me, and I feel her mouth sucking on my clit. She doesn’t move the toy. She turns it on! Vibrating deep inside me, on a slow to fast rhythm, then a stop and start!

Inside my body I can feel the buildup of an overpowering orgasm. I know I won’t be able to stay quite.

Faster and faster she sucks my clit with the toy buried deep into my hungry pussy.

“Holy FUCK!” I scream out as I reach my peak!

“You taste amazing” she says.

Feeling waves of pleasure cover me, my body is twitching. She unties me and helps me up, just to set me on my knees.

“Now!, I’m sitting in front of you, I want you to eat my pussy” She commands

Before I can lean in, her hands are in my hair, Shaven flesh touches my face. A sweet taste enters my mouth as I being to lick her, suck her and do what she did to me. Her moans enter my ears and fuel me to eat more. Her hands tangled deep in my hair, she grinds her pussy on my face.

“Finger fuck me!” she demands!!

I place two fingers in and use the other hand to massage her clit. Wet and wet she becomes. Faster and faster I finger her pussy. Her lips arte full and her clit is hard. She cums all over my face. I try my best to taste as much as I can. She sighs……

I feel her move away from me; she helps me back up to the bed and lays me down. She spreads my legs again. Just her touch causes my clit getting hard again.

“I’m going to fuck you hard, do not make any noise” is what she said.

I feel her grab my hips and pull me up a bit. I feel the large toy again back inside me. She must have a strap on, on. Thrusting herself on me. I can feel her clit touching mine. Grinding herself on me. OH! God, I want to moan, scream, say anything!.

Her fingers reach up and pinch, squeeze my nipples. “Ooohhh” I let escape from my mouth.

She stops! “Don’t make any noise! Or I’ll stop again!” she firmly says.

She starts fucking me again. Fast! One hand stays on my nipples and the other starts rubbing my clit at a very fast pace. I don’t know how I am going to be quite. This is too intense. Just as I reach yet another mind-blowing climax she pulls out of me, and rubs my pussy so fast, I flush cumming so fast. I can’t catch my breath.

Completely wiped out, I don’t remember falling asleep. The sound of my cell phone going off wakes me up. Laying naked in bed with the blindfold off. I sit up and look around. I am alone.  I grab my phone.

~ See you soon, A~  is all it said.

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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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