Part two, (Night Out)

I sit up in the bed, my body still feeling the pleasure it was just in. I get out of bed and, hop in the shower. Letting the hot water cascade over me. My thoughts drift to her. Wondering how this shower would go with her in here with me.

Opening my eyes, I find my hand has traveled to my hungry pussy. My fingers easily sliding in and out, I fill the bathroom with my own moans. What a nice way to start a morning! I turn off the water, dry off and find my clothes and, leave the room.

Walking to my car, I notice a note on my windshield.

“I would very much enjoy your company at the restaurant we got our food at last night, 7:30 SHARP!!!”

My pussy feels like it has been shocked! By reading her note! I am excited, wet and swelling!

11:30am my watch says! UGH! Fuck! I hope this day doesn’t drag. I drive back home and try to get some work done.  My mind is over running thoughts in my head, replaying last night’s encounters.  I am NOT getting any work done! OH! Shit what am I going to wear??

Walking to my closet, I stare at all my clothes. I stare at my watch 4:30. This day is dragging!! I am so flushed with excitement. So, finely deciding on a skirt, sexy low cut top and some heels. Running out the door. Pulling into the parking lot I check the time 7:25! I debate with myself…. Wait or go in….

I grab my bag and go in. I’ve never really been on here. I just grab my food to go. I go up to the bar and order myself a beer. Looking around I don’t see her yet, but one man looks really familiar. I try hard not to stare at the door, but I notice that guy keep looking at me, or trying to hide he is looking at me.

“Hello again” she says.

I turn around. She is standing behind me. Slick leather pants, tights tank top and cherry red heels.

“You look lovely” she says leaning over to kiss me on the cheek. She smells amazing, between the leather and her perfume. It fogs my mind.

We make our way to our table and order dinner. We have small talk, half way through our appetizers she slightly nudged me under the table and motioned to the guy that has been eyeing us both. It took me a minute, but I think I remember him from last night at the bar.

“Pardon me” she says “I need to use the restroom” I watch her walk away, and I know I am not the only one, she commands the stage! After she comes back, we eat our desert, have our coffee.

“Ready to go” she says

“Oh yes!” I reply.

My insides are full of butterflies!

“We will go back to my place” she says

“I thought you were here on business” I say

“Oh I am, I like having my own space” she says.

Hoping in her car, we are off. I am squeezing my thighs together to control my pleasure. We pull into the parking lot and I follow her inside. It’s just a breathtaking at the hotel. Dark and full of lush colors. She takes my hand and we went right to her bedroom.

“Okay, undress” she says, her voice, sterner that it was last night. I heed her command.

I am standing naked in front of her. I can feel my body start to flush. I watch her pull out a pair of black stockings from her dresser drawer and wraps up both my wrists. My excitement grew exponentially.

“Now get on the bed, on your back” she says.

She took my arms and hooked the nylon to her headboard. After, and before she moves she bends down and I feel her tongue dart in my mouth dancing with mine. As she pulls away she bites my lower lip. I can feel my wetness start to go down the inside of my thighs. She’s at the foot of the bed, grabs my ankles and pulls me down to where my arms really can’t move. Using more stockings she ties my feet.

Spread eagle I lay in front of her. I watch her undress in front of me. Making sure she only keeps her cherry red heels on. She climbed on the bed. Running her hands over my body. She starts teasing my nipples, pinching and pulling them. I moan out with pleasure, enjoying the sensations she is causing me.

Her hands went down and grazed my sex. My hips jolt up to meet her touch. Her finger nails slowly teasing my lips and causing me to swell again. She moves down the length of my body. Both hands on the inside of my thighs. I feel her mouth hard and fast on my aroused cunt. She flicks her tongue against my hard clit. She holds my hips still as I try to grind on her face.

Her fingers entering me as her tongue still plays as I cum. Covering her mouth with my juices. She draws back up to me, and puts her tongue back in my mouth in a hard kiss. Tasting her and my sex, I can feel her pussy touching me. She straddles me. Bending down to where I can kiss her nipples. She tastes so sweet in my mouth. I long to touch her flesh, pulling my hands, I can’t.

She slithers off of me, and goes back to her dresser. Pulling out a strap on, but none like I’ve never seen.

“This toy is my fav!” she says with a devious smile on her face.

Coming closer to me, my heart is pounding with giddy excitement. Taking an extra pillow and sliding it under me like she did last night. She takes the toy and inserts a vibrator inside me and, hooks the rest of the strap on, on me. I look down; I get hungry by the look of it. Walking around the bed, she gets positioned to get on top of me. Sliding down the other toy.

“Ohhhh” she lets out a sigh.

She leans back. Slowly at first and with her first thrust turns my vibrator on. It matches her rhythm.

Faster! Faster! Than back to a slower pace. The vibrator going the same speed she does, Once again she’s pinching my nipples, riding me, never missing at beat! Again the building climax starts inside me.

“OH Holy FUCK!” I let out ……

She doesn’t stop, but slows down. Until she has reached her peak, bending down and gently kisses me again. Getting up off of me, she unhooks all but the vibrator in me…..

She smiles that devious smile again, and goes to open a door in her room. Standing here was the guy we saw in the bar and restaurant…. With a remote in his hand,,,,,,



About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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