Part 3 Three is a GREAT crowd!!!

Three’s a GREAT crowd!

Part 3

I awake from my sexual nap. I am still tied up, but not uncomfortable.  It is very quiet, but I know I am not alone. I can feel her in the room with me.

“Turn it to seven” I hear, and then I feel a fast vibration! My clit hands, and I am instantly wet.  My hips start to buck with the movement of the toy deep inside my pussy. I feel the blindfold removed from my eyes and see him! The guy from the bar, and the restaurant, also I can see his hard on! It is only us in the room. He turns the toy on very slow to very fast….  I can’t hold back anymore. I can feel the build up again! The teasing of the toy,,,,, I am going to CUM! I scream….


My body over flowing with pleasure, my legs are shaking from the orgasm the toy gave me. The guy is just standing there… Like he was waiting for something, the door opens and she walks back in. Still just in her cherry red heels…. I watch her walk over to him and takes the remote away, and tells him to help her untie me.  She stands me up and kisses me in front of him. She pulls away from me, and moves towards him. She sits him down on the edge of the bed, and kisses him deeply and letting her hand grab his very eager cock.

“I want you to straddle him” she tells me.

I get up and straddle his lap and lower myself onto him. I bend my knees and nestle them into his airpits. I slowly lean back so that my head almost touches the ground; I place my hands on the ground to support me. I begin to drive into him with a wild pleasure as I thrust back and forth against him.

“Open and close your legs” she commands, I do as she says, and can feel each thrust my pussy hugs his cock harder! She sits in the chair next to us, her legs spread open and her fingers playing with herself. I can see her wetness!  All at once we all cum!!! I feel his cock spasm deep in me, his hands digging into my hips, I feel my wetness running onto him, and see her wetness on her hand…..

I am still very much turned on! I know he is as well; he is still hard in me.  “Stand up” she says.

He helps me up and I get off of him.

I can feel her eyes appraising me and him, but I am checking her out in the same way. The tension is building high!

“Undress him completely” she says, I walk over and take his shirt off, and remove the rest of his clothes. She walks over and slides a cockring onto him… “There are three of us now” she says with a sly smile.

She lays me down; the touch of her warm tongue on my naked skin is sublime! Her hands came forward clutching my breasts and rubbing my nipples.  I thought I would faint with pleasure.  “Come here and touch her like I am” she says to him. He lays on the other side of me. His hands caressing my other breasts, then pinching my nipples so hard that my pussy contracted fiercely at the wonderful sensation.

“Go down” she told him.  He couldn’t get down fast enough. I feel his mouth all over my pussy, and I groaned! “Quite! Or I will make him stop!” She said. I pressed my lips together, while is tongue started to enter my pussy.  Licking me up and down, flicking my clit making it harder.  She gets on top of me, and her pussy in right in front of me, “Do the same as he is doing” she told me. I was happy to! I feel her twitch on me as my mouth touches her. She bends down and starts to lick my clit as he tongue fucks me. I know this is going to make me scream! I have never had two tongues on me, I can feel her juices mixing in my mouth, and as she cums, I cum, flushing all over his faces as she does mine.

She moves herself off of me, and sit next to me. “Stand up” she tells him, and she helps me up. She pulls him over to us, he is rock hard. She uses her nails and trails up and down his cock, “Put him in your mouth” she says, and I lean closer to him and shallow all of him, and she bends down and sucks his balls. I look up and tell he wants to make some kind of noise but he doesn’t.  I work my tongue around the head of his cock… “Ohhhhhh” he lets out of his mouth…. But, she doesn’t say anything to him, I keep sucking and licking and she does the same…

She pulls me away, and looks up at him,,,

“Are you ready to fuck the both of us?” she asks..

He shakes his head yes fastly! With a big smile on his face! She and I lay down on the bed, naked and legs wide…

“Fuck her!” she says to him..  He gets in between me and grabbing my hips and slams right into me. Thrusting fast, his hand once again digging into my hips… she moves on top of me, I can feel her clit on mine and she kisses me deeply as he fucks me. She grinds her pussy on to mine. The feeling is so amazing I can’t keep a thought in my head!  I feel him pull out and uses his fingers in me and he puts himself in her. Her mouth moves down to my nipples. Biting and sucking, her pussy still grinding on mine…

Her moans lingering in the room… “Take the cockring off” she says! He pulls out of her and snaps the right off…

“You may cum” she says…… She lays on her back and tells me to do the same! “Raise up your ass” she says to me, and she does the same, “Finger me” she demands! I place my fingers in her wet cunt and she does mine.  Feverishly fingering me, I cum, and I make her cum just as fast, and then I feel his hot cum spray on my ass….

She and I fall to the bed….

“let’s shower” she says…


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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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