Some fun in the shower (Part 4)

Part 4

The hot water pours down on us both. It feels amazing. She is standing in front of me; I watch the water flow down her back and down her ass. She has two sets of cherry tattoos on each side of her ass. Without asking, I bend down and lick each one.  She doesn’t stop me; she reaches for my hands and wraps them around her and right to her pussy.

As she shows me how to play with her, the glass door opens,  he is about to step in.

“Stand outside, I am going to let you watch” she tells him.

She puts my hands back on her.  Her clit swells against my fingers and she puts her hands on mine. Guiding me to exactly what she wants. One finger, then two. My speed picks up and her moans are filling the bathroom. Her hips are bucking to match me. I turn to look at him, and I can see how hard he is, and his hand making it down to touch himself.

Soon my fingers are covered with her cream. I can feel her legs shaking against my hands and my pussy is aching for the same treatment. She moves behind and a pressed my body against the glass, so my tits are against it. I see his eyes light up and he squeezes himself. I feel her first hand running down my neck to my very hungry pussy, her fingers bushing over my sex, teasing me. Teasing him. Her other hand resting on my neck with a handful of my hair. Before I can ready myself, her fingers are deep within me.

I raise my hands to steady myself. With each thrust of her fingers I watch him speed up his own pleasure. As her fingers pull my hair, and he cums. I do as well.

She turns the water off, and we get out. “Dry us off” she says to him.

Without missing a beat he grabs a towel, and dries us both off. She walks about into the bedroom and we follow.

“I know you want to play” she says in his ear.  All he could do was smile.  She walks over to me, “Lay down on the bed, on your stomach” She tells me. I feel her hands on my ankles and she pulls me down the bed to where my legs and ass are hanging over the bed. “Stand behind her and grab her by her knees” she tells him. I feel his cock against my pussy, and I am ready…. I spread my legs more so he can fit inside me just perfectly. He starts to thrust in and out, in and out. His hands reach up and grab my ass! “Harder!” I let out. I feel his fingers dig into my thighs as he starts to pump me harder. I can feel myself about to cum, my fingers gathering up the sheet… As he pumps one more time, to then explode deep within me. I feel my legs fall, as he waits to pull out.  I know I should feel drained, tried. But, I want more….

I look up and see her standing there. Naked with just her strap on again. I couldn’t control my excitement, I jumped off the bed. She sits Indian style on the floor. She puts my hands on her shoulders and lowers myself onto her. I nestle myself comfortably in her lap. I wrap my legs tightly around her lower back. “Follow my lead” She says

We rock back and forth, together. Slowly at first.

“Now,” She says to him, and I feel a vibration… It goes all through my body…

“Come over here” She tells him. He is standing in between us.

“Turn it to 7 and set the remote down!”

The speed is fast! “Don’t cum……. Yet” she says,

She stops rocking, and leans close to him and puts his cock in her mouth, sucks for a bit and stops and tells me to continue. We take turns sucking his cock, and licking his balls… I cannot control my body anymore. I cum, cum, cum and cum. As we both do. I can tell his ready too. She pulls my head close to hers, and we open our mouths, letting him release in ours welcoming mouths..

“Turn it off” She says, he does as he is told.

‘Help her up!” he helps me up and she rises… “Lay down”, I sit up on the bed and lay down. She takes him by the hand and they are standing in the hallway… I can’t hear them..

She comes back in the room, just here….

“Ready for more?? She says more as a statement then a question.

“Yes, “ I say….

I wonder where he went…… If he is coming back…… What did they say???

About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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