Roles Changed

“Role Changed”


“Ugh!! Where the hell are they?” Tossing everything out of my suitcase… “Ahhhh” Two long black silk scarfs!!! Sitting them under each pillow, and I’m off out the door.

I’m on a mission! And, I know where to find the prize! Walking into “The Brass”, there he stands!

6’2 or taller, built so good- just looking at him makes me wet! Big hands, big arms, big everything! I get flushed when I am around him. He notices I’m here and walks over to me. Wicked, wicked smile flashes on his face. I swear he can smell my lust.


Swooping me up into a bear hug. Pressing all of him into me. Placing my nose deep into his neck, he smells like the sun, sweat and man. He always smells good. Fighting every bit of desire to jump up and wraps my legs around his waist. I can feel his cock pressing into me.

“How are you?” he asks

His voice is deep and sinks deep into my core. I breathe deep before I answer. Trying my best not to show how turned on I am.

“I’m good” I reply.

We take seats at the bar, his knee resting against mine. Sending little shocks to my pussy. Sitting and just talking, my mind trying to figure out to play out what I want! He is talking about water and something else. I am not ignoring him, it’s just my mind is flooded with images of what I want to do. My eyes linger to his hands, he uses them to talk. I want them to play with my wanton pussy.

I love how coy he acts. He knows damn good and well how women react to him. I’ve seen it.

“Excuse me” he says and leaves to go talk to someone real quick. This gives me perfect time to write my note.

Read this and know I am not kidding, meet me back at my room in two hours”

I get up from my seat and walk over to him. He looks slightly disappointed I am leaving. I hand him my note and hug him good-bye. I didn’t stay to see him read it, I wonder if he showed anyone? Or what he first thought was. I drive around a bit, wasting time. Wondering what my first move should be, when my cell beeps. It’s a text from him.

*Ok* is all it said.

Turing around I head back to my room. I have to prepare. I have about an hour and a half before he supposed to me here. I hop in the shower, all fresh, and shaven. I lotion up and dress for the evening. Nude stockings, with a red thong, red bra and red heels. I re-apply my make-up. I look in the mirror, mmmmm I look good!

I dim the lights and light some candles; I take a seat and wait. He is five minutes late. The door knob turns and he walks in. The look of shock and awe is all over his face. That wicked, wicked smile starts to show as he glides over to me, to hug me again.

“You are late” I say

“Just by five minutes” he replies

I stand and refuse his hug. Walking towards him until he backs up and flops on the bed.

“For your tardiness, there must be some sorta of punishment” I say sternly.

He doesn’t say a word. Just looking at me.

“Stand up and undress!” I tell him.

Without any hesitation he does as I say. Pulling his shirt over his head. OH! Sweetness!  I want to lick his chest. From his belly button to his neck, I can’t let on how excited I am. Unzipping his jeans, he is not wearing any underwear. His cock pops free, and hard. I fight myself not to fall to my knees and swallow it all.

“Lay down” saying as commanding as I can

He lays flat on his back, his cock high in the air. Walking over to his right hand and pulling out the first of my scarfs out from the pillow and tie it, walking over to his left hand and doing the same. His feet are still free. I pull a chair to the foot of the bed and sit down. Slipping off my heels, I put both my feet on the footboard. My legs are wide. Running my hands from my feet to my inner thigh. Slowly starting to roll down my stocking, then doing the same to the next one. I stand up and tie each ankle with them. I watch his dick twitch with excitement.

I sit back down in the chair. His eyes never leaving me. Placing my hands back on my thighs. Running slowly up and down, then moving to my sex. Rubbing on the outside of my panties.  Small moans escape from my lips. Pushing my ass to the edge of the chair, moving my fingers faster, wanting to dive into myself, but I hold off.

“Now for that punishment” I say ~Trying to catch my breath~

I crawl on the bed, in between his legs, and run my tongue over his balls and the length of his shaft. His eyes close as he tilts his head back. “Oooohh” seeps out of his lips. Licking up and down, the taste of his pre-cum hits my taste buds. Making my mouth water. Engulfing his entire cock deep in my hungry mouth. Using my nails to tease his balls. Up and down working his cock in my mouth.

“Oh, I’m so close” he gasps.

My cue. I pull his dick out of my mouth; he tries to buck his hips at me to continue.

“Oh, no no no no, baby” I say.

Standing up, I unhook my bra freeing my tits, nipples hard. Slithering out of my panties. Standing over him, I start to play with my pussy again. Quickly jamming my fingers deep within me, the wetness starts to flow and drip on him. Faster and faster I fuck myself till I flush. Covering my legs, his stomach and cock. Bending down onto him, I rest my wet pussy on his cock. Sliding up and down, rubbing my wetness more onto him.

“You want to be in me, don’t you?” I say softly into his ear.

He just nods. Snaking myself down on his body, till my lips meet his delicious cock. I place all of him in my mouth. His hips greet me. Taking him out of my mouth, I look up at him and notice his pouty face. I stand up, right foot untied, then left. Up to his hands and untie each.

“Stand up” “Do you want to touch me?” I say

There is that wicked, wicked smile that makes my pussy ache! “Go ahead” I say.

Bending down, he starts at my toes, slowly going up my body just using my fingertips.

“I think you’ve been punished enough” I say

I perch myself on the edge of the bed on all fours, “Get closer behind me” I move back and push myself into him deeply. “Oooohh” I let out, pulling my knees together to add more tension and friction.

“Grab my hips!” he does as I ask.

I start to move back and forth, thrusting myself against him. His fingertips pressing into my hips, I know he wants to slam himself deeper into me.

“Oh! Fuck me!!” I let out

Picking me up under my stomach and moves me to where my head is at the headboard. I grab it with my hands, spreading my legs further apart.

“Mount my cunt!” I yell!
One swift move he is deep back in me. I squeeze myself around him, wanting to feel it all. Pounding into me, his balls hit my clit. One of his hands full of my hair and the other gave my ass a smack. Pulling my hair tighter one last time as I cum all over his cock, which as soon as I did, I felt his hotness explode and mix with mine.

Falling to the bed, I reach over to and touch his skin with my fingers. I gather all the strength I have to get up, gathering my clothes and heading to the shower…Before I start I look at him.

“Don’t move until I’m out” I say.

That sexy, wicked, wicked smile lines his face!

About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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