Slippery when wet… Part 5

Slippery when wet

Part 5

She came back into the room. She is standing in front me, just looking at me.

“Lay down on your stomach” she said

I don’t hesitate. I lay open on her bed, waiting, and my body itchy to be touch. And, she does. Her hands are warm, and oily. I feel her start at my feet. It feels so good. I am instantly relaxed. Inch by inch she goes up my legs. Kneading my skin, my muscles, adding more oil as she needs it.  I can’t help but get wet. It just feels so good. Over my ass, up my back and onto my shoulders. The room is now being filled with my soft moans. My body is so at ease.

“Roll-over” is what wakes me up.

Before she even touches me, my nipples are hard. Once again she starts at my feet, up my legs, in my inner thighs, but barely touching my sex. Going up to my breasts, teasing my nipples. I am completely at ease, but completely excited. My pussy is aching to be touch. I am so aroused. She moves herself next to me, and places one of my nipples in her mouth, sucking and biting at the same time. I feel her hand go back down to my pussy. So slowly at first, just barely rubbing. She moves to my other nipple and does the same biting and sucking. Then moves her whole body to where her face is right between my legs.

I can feel her warm breath on me, as her fingers start to really touch my clit.

“Put your knees up, and spread your legs more” she says, very softly.

I do as I am asked. First I feel her fingers from both hands touching me, one hand on my clit, and then two fingers slowly going inside me. In and out, each hand matching each other. Very slow.  I arch my back and I know my moans are getting louder, she doesn’t ask me to stop. The feeling of my climax is building inside me. Just as it starts I feel her tongue on my clit along with her finger. My hips start to move, and I start to grind myself on her face. She doesn’t stop me. Faster and faster, her fingers move, her tongue matches the speed. Oooohhhhhh yessssss, please don’t stop, mmmmmmm, I am going to cum!!!!!!!!!!!!  I scream. I flush all over her, legs shaking, and my body is on fire. I feel so good.

“Now, I want you to fuck me” she said.  She got up and got her strap on, and put it on me.

“You can do it, how you like” she said to me, looking with a wicked smile on her face.

Standing up next to her, I walk behind her, running my hand down her back and behind her over the bed. “Spread your legs” I tell her, and she does without saying a word!

I run my hand over her pussy, and she is very wet. I take the tip of the toy and run it over her cunt. Barely putting the head in, she pushes back into me. Knowing I am doing this, making her wet, turns me on… I start to thrust into her faster. And, which each pump in I feel a vibration on my clit, I look in her hand and she has a remote for our toy. Fast, slow, goes the speed and I do the same fucking her.

YES! Harder!! FUCK ME HARDER! She yells

I grabbing her hips and slamming myself into her as best as I can. I can feel the climax building in me again. The vibration is on my clit,,  You are going to make me cum!!!  She lets out,

Just as she did, she turned up the toy, and I came with her. I am head to toe glowing with my orgasm. Her body is shinny from her and sweat.  I pull away from her, and bend down to taste her. Sweet like candy. Her body wiggles from the touch of my mouth on her sex. She stands up, and takes off the toy.

She pulls me close to her, and kisses me. Her tongue dancing with mine, her arms around me, her breasts against mine, and she pulls me down to the bed.

Tangled together, legs braided, and still kissing… I feel drunk, drunk with pleasure and so many orgasms.  She pulls away from me, but still tangled, she closes her eyes…. And, I do the same.


About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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