Meeting my Master

Meeting my Master

My thoughts go into daydream mode. Wondering what our first interaction will be like? I can feel my nipples harden at the idea. Each flash of fantasy excites me more. Each blink of my eyes is another snap shot. My pussy is wet! I so badly want to touch it. Ease the pain I am causing myself.

Will all my “training” pay off?

*Submissive* your sub, your slut!

I’m antsy and wanting so badly to be near you. To hear you, to take your command. It feels like a lifetime before this train reaches my stop.

20 more minutes till I am there. I rush to the restroom to inspect myself. Turning and turning around, naked. Doing my best to inspect myself! Feeling my skin, soft, warm to my own touch. I want to touch myself………there. But, I am not allowed to.  My pussy is wet, and so wanting to be touched!


Lost in my own thoughts, I almost didn’t notice the train has stopped. My heart lunges into my throat. Quickly putting on my clothes, making sure I look perfect! Gathering my bags, I step off the train. I wonder how he will greet me. Stepping on to the platform looking around, our eyes meet.

I want to run to him, wrap my arms around him. We stare at each other for what seems like another lifetime! Then he rushes me, picking me up and spinning me around as his tongue invades my mouth.  I start to drip, just by his kiss. Setting my back down, he takes my bags and we walk to his car.

Each step my thighs rub together, my pussy swells.

I watch him put my bags in the trunk then he opens the door for me. I look up and notice leather wrist straps hanging from the handle on the cars roof. He gets into the driver’s seat, leaning over towards me, he takes my hands and ties them up.

“Spread your legs!” he demands

Without question I do as I am told. His hand reaches up my skirt and his fingers find my panties, my wet spot.

“You are very wet! Good girl” He says.

I fight every urge to move my hips to his hands. Feeling a strong tug against my skin, he rips my panties off! Biting the inside of my mouth so I don’t make a noise, I feel something cold inserted in me, not far, then I feel something pressed very hard against my clit.

“Ready?” he says, his eyes burning into mine.

He starts he car, and off we go. Soon I start to feel a slight vibration.

“DO NOT CUM!”  Is all he said.

Are you fucking kidding me? I think to myself…. The toy feels so great. I want to grind my cunt on it. As fast as it started, he turns it down……. Then off…

Finally we pull into his driveway. He turns off the engine and turns and looks at me.

“Listen to me carefully; I do not like to repeat myself. I am going to untie you. I want you to go inside and go down into the basement. Take off all your clothes, remove the toy and wait!”

I couldn’t get to the basement fast enough. I rip off my clothes, and sadly remove the toy, and wait…..

Another what feels like another lifetime passes before I feel anything. The room fills with the sounds of his footsteps. I feel his hands on my shoulders he pushes towards the table.  His hands examining me, spreading my legs, and ass. I feel his face close to my pussy. And, just that thought I cum…

“YOU CAME!” he yelled!!!

“Let me show you what happens to dirty sluts that don’t listen!” he says with a deep control in his voice.

My body tenses up, and, before I can truly brace myself. I feel his hand on my bare ass.

“COUNT!” he demands!




With each hit, I want to yell out. My cunt hungers now. Deeply

My wetness is running down my legs. Then when I thought another smack was coming. He rams his cock far into me. Grabbing my hands and pulling them behind me. Pumping himself harder and harder into me.

“This is MY pussy” he says in between moans.

I squeeze myself around him. How can I hold back?

“Cum baby, cum all over me!” he says~ this time tenderly.

“OOOHHHHH MMMMYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!” I let out and flush all over his cock. My body trembles with extreme pleasure! He pulls out “turn around” he commands “On your knees, dirty slut”

I spin around and go to my knees! “Open your mouth wide!” he says.

Releasing his tight grip on his cock, he cums in my mouth, “Don’t waste a drop!” he says.

I wouldn’t dare!!!! Sugary and sweet, he tastes. He helps me up off the floor. “Let me show you our bedroom” he says as he hooks a lease to my collar, and pulls me behind him.

“Don’t think I am done with you yet, my dirty slut, lay down” he says…..








About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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