My Surrender

My Surrender


My name is Lady Red and I’ve been working at The 7th Level for as long as I can remember.  I’ve always been a dominate kinda girl, so being a dominatrix just came natural for me.

Walking into the club and before I even before I hit the bar, my two slaves run up to me.  “There is a new Master here!” one says, as the other says “And, he’s hot as fuck!”  I let them talk as I scan the bar room I don’t see anyone new. Kissing each girl on the cheek, I head to my room, with them on my heels.

I unlock my door and grab my appointment book off my night stand. “Undress me!” I say. They hurry without question, one unzipping my boots as the other undoes my skirt. I have not a single client tonight. That never happens….  I toss my book and down let her take my top off.

“Hmmmmmm, what to do?” I say to myself…

“Draw me a bubble bath” I say. I watch them fight over who is going to do it.  The hot water hugs me as I slide in. “You both have pleased me so, so I will reward you both!” I tell them. I point to the first girl, and make her get in the tub with me. “Finger my pussy!” I command her, and with such and eager smile she starts to rub my clit, I can feel the hot water on my swollen jewel. “And you wash my hair!” I tell the other girl. The feeling of hands rubbing my head and my pussy is beyond relaxing.  I feel two of her fingers slide in me and her other hand pinches my clit…. “OOOOOOOO” is all I let out as I cum.

I have them shave my legs, pussy, and everywhere else, wash my body and dry me off.

“You both have been so very good tonight, so I am going to give you a free pass tonight, have fun!, “ I say kissing them again each on the cheek. I watch them leave. Standing naked in my room, I lotion up and wonder what I should wear?? “Hmmmmm,” I whisper to myself….

Black leather skirt, 6 inch boots and red corset! All dressed, staring at myself in my mirror. I love this corset. Cut low and tight. My breasts look amazing in it. I put on my make-up and pull my hair back in a sleek pony tail and wrap it in a black ribbon.

Locking my door I head back to the main bar, that part is open to the public, soooo,,,,maybe I can find someone to play with since I am free tonight!

“Whiskey” I tell the bartender

Looking around, the bar is full and the music is loud. I still don’t really see anyone new. I see my two slaves all over the dance floor, all over each other, all over everyone!

“I love your pony tail; I’d love to pull it!” I hear behind me as I spin around to look.

My slaves were right! He is fucking hot. I can’t tell how much taller he is than me because of my boots. Dark hair to his shoulders, very dark eyes, and big, big hands with long fingers, I want to feel them on me, in me.

“My name is Andrew” he says extending out his hand to meet mine. “Lady Red” is all I say in return shaking his hand.

I hear him talking to me but not really paying attention. My mind racing to thoughts of him tied up in my bed, begging me to touch him.

“Well do you?” He says, touching my arm to get my attention.

“Sure” I say. I watch his face light up and his eyes change. Like a storm rolling in. And, to my shock I notice I am getting wet, as he grabs my hand. Pulling, almost dragging me down the hallway. Finally stopping in front of a door, his door. I notice I have never been down this hallway before.  He’s not letting go of my hand, and I don’t remove it, I watch his dig out his keys. We don’t exchange any words as he unlocks his door.

Flipping his light on, he shuts his door and stands very close to me. “You didn’t hear everything I said at the bar, did you?” he asks

“Well, to be honest, no” I say

“I guess I ‘ll have to punish you then” he says with an evil smile , as he wraps his hand around my pony tail and tugs it down and his kisses me deeply his tongue invading my every space of my mouth. Pulling away he bites my lower lip.

Watching him walk away from me and, for the first time I can very excited! I have never had anyone over power me in such away. I can feel my wetness start to run down my thigh. There is something strange happening inside me. I am trying to control myself but the dominate in me has gone dormant.

“Sit!” he commands

I sit without question on the edge of his bed and watch him walk towards me. Then black.

“I’ve seen you in here for a while now. And, I can no longer control myself” he whispered in my ear as he tightened the blindfold.

I feel myself let out a small sigh. I’m trying to sit still, trying to think of what I tell my slaves to do. Trying to think if I have seen him and never noticed?  I reach out to feel for him. All I feel is something soft, then wrapped around one wrist then the other, then around my back. He stands me up and starts walking me. Once again no words exchanged. I can feel his power in his touch. Soon my hands are out stretched over my head and hooked above me. He is taking off my clothes.

Standing, arms hanging, just in my boots, eyes covered. I feel nothing, I see nothing. But, my excitement level is through the roof. I’m screaming in my head for him to touch me. Soon I feel him spread my legs apart. “Don’t move” were the first words he said in some time.

His fingers pinch my clit and rub it back and forth. “Mmmmm, ooooooo” escapes from my lips

He stops touching me! “Each sound you make, I’ll stop touching you!” he says

I nod in response.

Sliding two fingers in, he fingers fucks me, fast! I can taste my own blood in my mouth from biting my lip to keep form making any noise. I cum quickly and abruptly!  He pulls his hands away and grabs my hips, and then I feel the girth of his hard cock jammed deep into me. His hands making contact with my ass with five hard smacks. I want to scream! His other hand reaching up grabbing my tits, squeezing and pinching my nipples. Pumping himself harder into me, his balls hitting my clit.

“I claim you!” he says into my ear

All I can do is nod as I cum and cum again.



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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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  1. Sissy says:

    ❤ it, made me wet and hot!

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