Flash Friday

feb 8


LOLA!!!! Damn it, if you want a fight you got one!!  A deep voice rings in my ears.

The cool wind of something buzzing by my face and I hear it hit the ground. Turning to see what almost caused my end. A saw blade spins around before lying flat right behind me. Looking around for a weapon and all I see a hatchet. This will have to do!

I will beat you! You know what you have done, I loved her! I scream back into the darkness.

Not holding back I charge, hatchet held up high ready to swing!


About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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6 Responses to Flash Friday

  1. naomi says:

    What did he do to her to cause a fight. This is exciting. I want to know what happens next. Lots of things going through my head with your fab flasher Angie. It’s great. You have to continue this story. I want to read the whole thing

  2. S. J. Maylee says:

    Lots of passion and anger in this quick little flash. It’s sad and empowering at the same time. Intriguing. Well done.

  3. Another tease filled with questions. I’m glad she is able to fight back.

  4. Ray Sostre says:

    Welcome to Flash Fiction Friday. Wow! What an action post. Very good work there Angie, and I hope to see you invovled more! Coolness!

  5. *Smiles* It sounds like Lola is about to kick some ass and take some names. Whoever or whatever is waiting for her in the darkness better beware. Well done.

  6. Great flash full of intrigue

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