Afterdark Moments…….. ~The Game~


~The Game~

It was pitch black when by the time she made it to her car. Her keys ready to be used in her hands. Wanting to look behind her, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. She can already feel him behind her.

Pushing the unlock bottom on her key, and hopping in she starts her car, slamming it into gear and slams on the gas. Thank goodness she isn’t far from the highway, actually by the looks of it the only one on the highway. She hasn’t looked in her rearview mirror. Eyes glued on the road. Maybe the radio will stop the sound of her heartbeat.

Scanning the radio, not looking for any particular song, just something loud, but the sound wasn’t loud enough to block out the voices of her feelings of what is about to happen. She is not scared, she’s excited. She knows he is going to follow her or at least find her. He always does.

This game has been started, first with looks, then with talk, and now with action. She can’t go back.  Her heart is racing, her mind is going as fast as her driving.

By mistake she looks in her mirror. He was right on her ass. The slight of his car almost caused her to wreck. She slammed on the gas, but her car was slowing down. What the fuck?!

Out of gas!!! Are you kidding me, she thought. She couldn’t open the door fast enough, diving into the woods. Once again not looking behind her, she can hear him. His long strides, sticks and leafs breaking under his boots. Her legs are about to give out she is so tired. Leaning up against a tree to catch her breath just for a second, he catches her.

Pushing her more into the tree, running his hands all over her shaking body, the longing in her grew like a wildfire. He grabs her hands holding them down, teasing her. She is dying inside for a kiss, a connection- something. He knew that too. But, kept his lips about an inch away from hers.

Turning her around he picked her up and fireman carried her away. She couldn’t see anything it’s just so dark. He wasn’t saying anything. Then setting her down for a second, face to face, she can feel his breath on her face. No words, no nothing. She hears him doing something but it’s too dark to see what he is doing. Then it became pitch black. Blindfolded.

“Here is my hand” is all she heard. They didn’t walk very far until she heard a door open. Not a car, but a house? She doesn’t remember anything being out here. But, she wasn’t really sure where she was. He still had ahold of her hand as he sat her down on something soft. Using her hand to feel it has to be a couch. Letting go of her hand, she is unsure of what to do, and then she feels him removing her shoes and socks. He stands her up again, and begins to undo her jeans, hooking his fingers in her panties he slides them both off. His fingers unbuttoning her shirt and then unhooking her bra.

Feeling exposed, naked and “blinded”.

Grabbing both of her hand and walking her a few feet and helping her lay down. Feeling the soft blanket against her bare skin, goose bumps covering her. She can feel his breath on her, she can smell him. A sweet mix of cologne and the woods. His hands, soft and rough begin to move up and down her legs. Moans start to leave her mouth, and he puts his finger over her lips. “shhhh” is all he said.

All over her body he touched her. Each touch making her feel like fireworks exploding all over her. She soon could feel her whole body becoming flush.  Then the touching stopped she almost said something, but decided to keep quite.

Wetness from his mouth, tiny kisses being placed on her toes all the way to her mouth. Deep, passion filled kisses invaded her mouth, taking her breath away to when he pulled away from her she gasped for air. There was a few moments of nothing, she was on the edge of pleasure and wanted more! Soon she felt her hands being pulled up over her head and something cool being wrapped around them, and then her legs spread apart.

Soon she feels his hands touch her swollen pussy, the touch she has been waiting for. Slow, deliberate touches, one hand finger fucking her as the other teased her clit, until she could no longer hold in her excitement. She let out such a scream it filled the room they we were in, and with that scream he placed himself inside her. He gave her what she wanted all along.

She was able to move her hips together with his rhythm, matching his speed, raw animal fucking. Fast, fast and faster, her breasts covered by his hands kneading them. Feeling the squeezing getting harder and her pussy squeezing him, she knew she was about to climax as well as him. Sweet release, leaving her body in shakes, she feels him lay next to her. Soft touches on her body keeping her moaning going.

Then like before he stops, unties her hands and she soon hears footsteps. Then nothing, no touching, no sound.  Waiting and waiting, slowly sitting up, she takes off her blindfold. Her body red, fingerprinted and slightly exhausted. Looking around for him, alone , and then her eye caught a note lying on the couch. Picking it up and all it said was “Now you find me.”  Our game continues.


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5 Responses to Afterdark Moments…….. ~The Game~

  1. Gemma Parkes says:

    Brilliant! I loved it, fast paced, exciting, sensuous and hot! The complete package!

  2. Excellent with so much suspense and a brilliant twist at the end.

  3. Okay, I’m ready to play. 🙂 What fun!

  4. Excellent. Love the chase and thought the worst. The fact it was just a game between lovers made it seem even hotter

  5. anarchy0029 says:

    Wow, that was awesome. I was intrigued at your well-written piece.

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