Two for the Show.

~ Two for the show~

“Hello, again Mr. Allen, um yes, uh huh, I completely understand, and please accept my deepest apologies it will never happen again.”

“Well, damn it!! You know I have very specific tastes. Please! Don’t fuck this up again!! Redhead and Brunette!

“Yes, yes sir, they will be there in no less than twenty minutes Mr. Allen”

“Tell them to just come in, undress and sit in the brown leather sofa, ass up!!!”

“Yes sir!”


Why can’t they understand what I want? I’ve used this service for years! And, lately it’s not how I like it! I hope they get it right this time!!!!

Checking my watch, ten minutes has pasted. I better start preparing. Standing in my bathroom looking over my face, I shaved early this morning. Just a little stubble showing. No clothes, I will just wear my jockeys.

“Front door open”

Ahhhhhhh, they are here, I fucking hope they are what I want!!! Stepping out of my room I head to the ledge of my staircase and stare door. About fucking time, they got it right! Two bare assed women waiting, my redhead and brunette. It’s truly a vision to behold. Porcelain skin shinny up at me, their shaved pussy calling to me. Gives me a hard on just thinking about the possibilities of the day!

Heading downstairs my shadow casts over them. I watch their bodies explode with goose bumps. I make my way closer to them, and take a seat right in front of them.

Don’t say a word during this” I say

They both nod yes. Curling my finger in a come here motion to the redhead. She gets up and heads towards me. She is stunning. Her eyes staring into mine, my cock pounding harder, now she’s standing in front of me.

“My brunette, while you wait your turn, I want you to finger yourself until I say stop” she nods yes

I watch her position herself to where her fingers start to play with her clit. I put my hands on the redheads’ slender waist, pulling her closer to me. I lean forward and nuzzle my face into her tender breasts. I slide my hands down her hips, and around to her ass and down to her bare slit. Slowly teasing her pussy, as I take a look at the brunette, now her fingers deep into her own pussy, trying her best not to moan.

“Spread your legs more!”

I dip one finger into her, her lips wet and open. I feel her tremble against me, and start to slide down more onto my hand.

Two finger- three fingers. Her juices flowing down my hand. I feel her muscles tighten around me. I stop.

“Get on your knees, leave enough room for your friends head” I say in a gasp for air after that blowjob

I wave the brunette over and she slides underneath the redhead, pussy touching her nose. I pull my cock out for her, leaning down she starts to bathing my shaft with her warm, wet tongue.

“Eat her!”

I feel her body tense up as the brunette starts eating her cunt. Her tongue flutters around the base, and slides up the length of my cock, as I lean back in my chair. My hands diving into her hair pulling her down onto me- I hear her moans vibrating around me. I move my hands down to her petite tits and cup them, pinching her candy kiss shaped nipples. Her mouth grows tighter around me, it’s getting harder not to cum in her mouth,,,, yet. I pull her away.

“Go sit on the couch like before, ass high, both of you” I say breathlessly

I walk over, their shiny, wet pussies screaming at me.  I rub the head of my cock against the redheads’ pussy, teasing. I plunge into her, at the same time placing three fingers into the brunettes’ cunt.  Pumping them fast and hard!! I pull out and switch girls. Fast and furious, my cock drilling into her as well as my fingers, they are cumming all over me.

“Spin around and face me!” I grunt out, pulling out.

Their heads pushed together, I unload on their mouths, rubbing the head of my dick across their lips. I grab my phone off the coffee table.

“Mr. Allen.”

“Thank-you, excellent service! I’ll be keeping them over night. I have much more planned”  I hang up before they reply back

“Come up stairs girls, it’s going to be a long night!”  I say leading the way upstairs.



About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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