Afterdark Saturday… Another day at the office 3/9/13

sexy woman on desk

I just had to look at her for a moment, enjoying the view. I could see how wet she was, my desk lamp was reflecting it. I roll my chair closer to her, closer to her delicate pussy. Barely touching her with my mouth, she moans leaning her head back.

I dive deep into her, exploring every inch of her cunt with my tongue. My face getting covered with her tasty cream, dripping almost overflowing, I start to finger fuck her to get her really cumming. She starts to move her hips and grind into my face, fucking my tongue.

“Ohhhhhh, ahhhhhh, you are going to make me cum! Please, don’t stop!” she begs me.

I use my other hand and place my finger on her lips to shhhh her; I know some of the other people in the office had to have heard her. But, I keep eating her, blocking out the other people. I let her go; I make her cum, cum and cum again. I pull away from her and roll my chair back and watch her body shake from the orgasm   I have given her.

I watch her try to stand up, dizzy and intoxicated from pleasure. Trying to steady herself, holding on to my desk for balance. Eyes still closed, breathing fast, her body covered with goose bumps. I didn’t do anything, just sat there, waiting for her. I almost got off by watching her, knowing how good I am, and how much she loved it. I waited.

After about ten minutes she finally spoke. “That was great” still breathless

With that being said, she leaned forward and undid my pants, releasing my raging cock. Turning around, her plump ass in my face, reaching between her legs, and taking my cock in her hands. Rubbing the head of my dick against her slit. Teasing me, and her.  Slowly, so very slowly, she slides herself down onto me. From the tip of my dick to the base of my balls she slides up and down. Every inch of me was inside her. Then she stopped and sat there with all of me in her.

Then she started to move her hips back and forth, back and forth. Picking up speed, soon she was bucking on me. She placed my hands on her hips to help her stay where she was. Placing her hands on my desk, leaning forward just enough to where I can watch my cock move in and out of her pussy.

I stand us up, her hands moving over my desk to where she is now bent over. My dick never leaving her, I take over thrusting into her. Letting one of my hands travel up into her hair and giving it a little pull, I know she loves that. Pumping harder into her, my own body arches back. I start to slow my pace, she is sloppy wet. I can feel her squeezing me, she is going to cum and so am I.

Mr. Howard, its 11:00 you have a meeting now, Mr. Howard!!!” A sound of a snap brings me back.

“Oh, um, I will be there in five minutes, thank you Juila” I say, watching her sweet ass leave my office.

Oh, I want her!


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    I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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    5 Responses to Afterdark Saturday… Another day at the office 3/9/13

    1. Red hot and maybe, just maybe, Mr Howard will get his wish one day

    2. That was categorically hot. He is so into her; I hope he gets his daydream fantasy fulfilled.

    3. Gemma Parkes says:

      Naughty post, hot and sexy!

    4. A lovely dream. You have some tense issues (don’t know if you noticed them), but otherwise it is a gripping and sexy piece.

    5. anarchy0029 says:

      That was extremely hot, sultry, and Mmm delicious!

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