Tantalizing Tuesday 3/12/13 ~Can you keep a secret~

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Come here and let me tell you a secret..

I want to taste your orgasm.

I want to taste your anticipation.

I want to bondage your mind with I can do.

I want to tie you up with my desires.

I long to feel you underneath me.

I want to take you farther than you have ever been.

Do you trust me?

Are you excited as I tie this blindfold?

I can feel you start to tremble as my touch lingers over you.

I’m going to undress you. Slowly.

Savoring each button.

Your body shows me how ready you are.

Watching your chest rise and fall, your heavy breathing filling my ears.

Touch me now please…. Escapes from your tender lips

In time my sweet, in time.

I want to memorize your every curve.

Your body is like a map, and I know where to find your treasure.

My own pleasure is building, wondering where I should start first.

I watch you swell right before my eyes.

I want to kiss you there; I want to taste your honey.

Are you ready for this baby?

I can’t wait any longer.

My mouth is watering to taste you.

Let’s get this evening started.


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About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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10 Responses to Tantalizing Tuesday 3/12/13 ~Can you keep a secret~

  1. Joseph Pinto says:

    Awesome! Well done, Crum Bun 😉

  2. Beautiful! Truly 🙂

  3. Gemma Parkes says:

    Beautiful, my favourite line is ‘I want to taste your anticipation’.

  4. Ah poetry, so damn well done. “I want to memorize every curve”- beautiful.

  5. Ella Grey says:

    I really enjoy reading your poetry, i love the flow of it.

  6. Wildfire8470 says:

    Wow! That was amazing! Beautifully done! What Angelica said: “So evocative!”

  7. Jake Malden says:

    Damn right let’s get this evening started. Perfectly captured. Beautiful and deeply erotic.

  8. naomi says:

    So erotic. I love it

  9. shelly eames (raven) says:

    this is incredible. absolutely. brilliantly written ang

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