The First Time

The First Time

The first time I had sex with Brenda was when she came over to my house for a dinner party. I offered her some coffee. “It will be an hour or so before everyone gets here” I say, handing her cup.

“Thank you” Brenda says, taking it. Our fingers lingering a little too much, I feel like I’ve been struck by lightning.

“That’s perfect, I actually came to see you before everyone arrives” Brenda says, sliding over bit closer to me.

I’ve always wanted Brenda, ever since I first met her a few years back at a local bar. She is really beautiful. Tall, long blond hair and a great body. I have always fantasied about her when I played with myself. When we were together, we would flirt and tease. Nothing more than that.

“Oh, really!?” I say, moving myself closer to her, her perfume filling the space.

“I want you, I’ve always wanted you. I want you now!” Brenda says, sitting her coffee cup on my table and placing her hand on my thigh.

“Are you serious?” I say, amazed at my new shyness

“Very!” Brenda says, with a wicked smile

And before I could reply, she was all over me nearly tearing off my clothes right here on the couch.

“Let’s go upstairs” I say, barely getting it all out in one breath

I watch Brenda stand up and take my hand and almost drags me upstairs. We are standing in the middle of my room, just staring at each other. Brenda pulls my shirt over my head and flings it across the room, then going straight to my skirt.

“Oh, look at you!” Brenda says, licking her lips

One display, only wearing my hot pink panty and bra set. A heat wave comes over me, from my feet to my face.

“You look like a delicious piece of candy!” Brenda says, walking around me, her fingers trailing on my exposed skin.

She stands before me again, and undresses herself. Her body is as beautiful as it was in my dreams. Flashes of my private time hits my mind, causing me more pleasure, more wetness in my panties. Soon Brenda pushes me down onto my bed, her hands reaching up and squeezing my breasts, as I open my legs for her. Her hand makes her way down to my panty line, and slides under them.

“Oh my, you’re so wet!” Brenda says, using her other hand to move my bra over, exposing my nipple for to kiss, nipple.

All I can do is moan in response. I am beyond thrilled this is happening. I can’t open my legs wide enough. I want more.

“Um, yes baby, your clit is so swollen, I love it” Brenda says, rubbing it in circles, causing me to feel dizzy.

Removing her hand, I let out a shutter  Umm; I look up and watch Brenda stand up and pulls down my panties, then removing her own. Crouching down between my legs again and quickly putting two fingers back into my awaiting cunt. I drop my legs and move close to her face. In hopes my motion will cause her to place her mouth on me.

Her fingers fucking me at a very fast pace, in and out. Closing my eyes and arching my back up off my bed, and just as I wished for her to kiss me there. She does, wrapping her plump lips around my clit. Causing me to let out a scream that fills my room, I feel my body starting to shake. I’m in a vortex of orgasms with each flick of her tongue.

“Oh, please, um, come up to the bed, I want us to cum together!” I struggle to say, between moans.

Crawling from between my legs, Brenda brings herself close to me on the bed. I can smell myself on her lips. I pull her closer to me, lying together on our sides. Our legs knotted together, I lean into her, kissing her. She tastes like coffee and me. I reach around and unhook her bra as Brenda does the same to me. Breasts against breasts, lips to lips. I can’t get enough of this, of her.

Sliding my hand down in between her legs, greeted by her wetness and with ease I slide my fingers into her sweet pussy. I feel her fingers returning to my hungry cunt. We begin to rock our hands back and forth. Escalating our pleasure, our mouth deep into a kiss, I soon feel her pussy squeezing my fingers tightly. I know she’s about to cum, and so am I. Reaching the peek, I have to pull away from our kiss. I let out an explosion of moans, which travel throughout my house and cause Brenda to giggle in sexy way.

“Oh my God! Did this really just happen?” I ask, gathering breaths

“Yes, hell yes and I hope it will happen again” Brenda says, leaning in to kiss my cheek

We stay in our tangled mess for what seemed like forever. Almost nodding off, my doorbell brings us back awake.

“Oh shit!  My dinner party.” I say, in a laugh

Begrudgingly I untangle myself and start to get dressed.

“Leave your panties off” Brenda say, gathering up her clothes.

I smile at her, as she gets ready. I head downstairs to open the front door, still feeling the wetness on my pussy. I am so excited for where the rest of today is going to go.

About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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