Captains Courters

Captains Courters

My ship has been docked for a few days, I really haven’t explored this town yet but, tonight I planned on treated myself. I’ve been sailing for a year now my crew and I deserve some fun.  The party on my ship was slowly getting started as I headed down to a local pub to find what I was looking for.

As a treat to myself I spent five hundred gold pieces for a lovely lass, her name is Luna and she was as radiant as her name. I didn’t stay in the pub; I took her by the hand and went back to my ship. Making it half way down the street I could hear the roar of the party happening on my ship. It has been a long hard year on the seas and it brought a smile to my face to hear them having a good time.

As we walked up the ramp, my ship was packed with people. Well to be honest it was mostly women. I could tell my crew was very happy. I could have easily found a woman here but, I wanted something different and Luna fits my hungry desires.

Luna was wearing a purple corset with a full black skirt and high leather boots. I couldn’t wait to pull them all off of her. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her.

“Go, and enjoy yourself” I said as I grabbed a bottle of rum from one of my crew members.

“Yes, Captain” is all Luna said

I watched her make her way through the crowd and slowly started to dance. Luna is stunning to watch. I leaned against the rail and just watched her. Her big tits were bouncing around in her corset, causing almost all my crew to turn around and stare at her. Not paying any attention Luna continued to dance. Watching my crew pay attention to Luna excited me. I watched her take a few drinks from a passing bottle of wine, she became more relaxed, danced and flirted a little without concern for those around her.

I couldn’t take much more of just watching her, my pleasure was at its peak. I made my way through the mass of people and grabbed Luna by the hand and pulled her away, leading the way to my cabin. I dug out my skeleton key and unlocked the door. I lead her in, locking the door behind me. Luna came over to me and greeted me a deep kiss that caused my dick to grow harder.

Luna’s petite frame pressed against mine, I almost lost control right then and there but, I pulled myself away from her. I left her standing in place as I moved to my desk and dragged my chair to the middle of my room. Before I sat down I unbuttoned my pants and released my cock. I watched Luna’s eyes widen at the sight of me and she knew what I wanted.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” I said, sitting myself down

Luna’s face went from smiling and softly giggling from the wine, to quiet and accommodating.  Standing before me, I lowered Luna to her knees. I felt her nervousness as I pulled her head closer to my cock.

“Open your mouth” I said, as I let my fingers wrap around her hair

“Yes, Captain” is all that left Luna’s lips

I soon felt the warmth of Luna’s mouth as her lips wrapped around my harden cock. She worked me with such ease like she’s had my cock before. Her tongue swirled around the head and down my length. I didn’t have to guide her but; I kept my hands deep in her hair just to hold her in place. I felt my body soon start to tighten with the rush of my appending climax. I couldn’t help myself any longer; I grabbed her head and furiously fucked her face until I shot my load down her throat.

I leaned back in my chair trying to catch my breath after that orgasm. I looked down at Luna; she is just stared up at me. Waiting. I stayed in my chair letting my hand play with her hair, calming myself down to get hard all over again. I wanted more of Luna and I planned on it.

“Get up, stand over by my bed.” I said, kinda not wanting to move but, there is much more I have planned.

“Yes Captain.” Luna said, her eyes never leaving mine

I stood up, and pulled off my boots before making my way to her. I sat Luna on the bed, pulled one foot up to me to remove her boot than I did the next. Stood her back up, I untied her skirt letting it fall to the floor. With my steady fingers I unsnapped each latch of her corset. Her breasts fell forward as I reached for the last hook. Naked before me, her skin matched her name. Creamy and luminous just as the full moon that shined through my cabin window.

Now that Luna was completely naked my cock was hard and thumping with desire. I laid her down upon my bed.

“Spread your legs wide.” I said, as I slowly stroked my cock

“Yes Captain.” Luna said, her voice awaiting what is to come

As I watched, Luna spread her leg wide for me. I stared at her pussy, it looked delicious and I couldn’t wait any longer to taste it. I leaned down onto my knees and moved in headfirst just close enough for her to feel the heat of my breath.  I watched her raise her hips up to reach my mouth. I hooked my arms under her legs and placed my face between them. I held her in place as I flicked my tongue over her swollen clit.  I moved down just a bit and darted my tongue in and out of her cunt.

Luna was moaning loudly with each swipe I gave her. I could tell I was bringing her close to the edge but, she is going to have to wait.

“Please” is all Luna said

“Don’t ask me to let you cum, close your eyes and wait.” I said, using my thumb to rub her clit

“Yes Captain.” She whispered

I stopped for a second wondered if I could keep from just taking her. I love making it last. Luna laying there on my bed looked fantastic and utterly exposed. By her expression I knew she was waiting for my next move. I curved my arms under legs once again and pulled her to the edge of my bed. My cock pounding and I tried hard to ignore it for a moment. The tension filled my cabin and my senses.

I grabbed ahold of my own self and rubbed the head of my dick across her cunt. My action caused her pussy to start to drip wetness; I felt it run down my shaft.  I let the head of my cock rest on her slit. Then with one fluid motion I slid her down my length. I wrapped her legs around my waist and rocked myself deep into her.

I fought every urge to cum right at that moment. I pumped myself faster, as I reached up to her breasts. I grabbed each nipple and rolled, pulled and teased them in between my fingers. I could feel myself reaching the point of cumming, as well as Luna. Her pussy griped tighter onto me.  I removed my hands from her tender breasts and placed them on her hips, pulled her up to meet me, to let me go as deep as I could.

“Cum.” I requested

“Oh Yes Captain!” Luna yelled, her voice bounced off my walls and hit my ears

I held tight to her body as her orgasm caused my own release. I fell down upon her, our breathing rapid and hot. I soon mustarded as much strength as I could to stand myself back up. I looked down at Luna; her body shimmered with sweat and is still flushed red.

“Oh, Luna our night has just started.” I said, as I opened the drawer to the nightstand by my bed, exposing all my tools

I reached in and pulled out a long string of pearls and a long black scarf. I left the drawer open for easy reach as I made my way to the other side of my bed. I reached for Luna’s hands and wrapped them in the scarf and tying them together.

“Now let’s get this night underway.” I said, leaning down to her ear

“Yes Captain” is all that escaped Luna’s lips, with a smile


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