Wholesome Addiction—- part two….

Come here and take my hand-
(they say a man thinks of sex more than a woman does)
Let me guide you through the thoughts that are mine…..
Strong hands—
Grabbing my hips to guide my movements,
Hands- sliding down my stomach in between my thighs
Hands holding down mine as I reach the…..peak.
Lips tagging kisses on back.
Lips kissing mine…..there.
Eyes— telling me what I want and I want it now.
My thoughts turn into daydreams into wetdreams….
Come here and take my hand…
Let me show you favorite things…..
My not so hidden things….
My collection of daydreams…
My naughty wetdreams….
My wholesome addictions……


About cherrydarling317

I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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