Sexy Mother Fucker

Sexy Mother Fucker

Turning myself around in the hotel mirror checking myself out in my new black lace bra and thong set. Picking up my pencil skirt, pulling it up over my ass I struggled a bit to zip of the back. Slipping each arm into my white button up blouse. The buttons ended right at the end of my exposed cleavage.

Checking my makeup in the mirror, deep smoky eyes with full red lips. My hair in a slicked back ponytail. Dabbing perfume on my neck, wrists, behind my knees and down between my breasts. My nerves were starting to get the best of me, it has been quite a few years since I’ve seen my friend Brian. Connecting with him when I got into Boston for my book signing. Relived when he agreed to meet me for drinks here in the hotel and a late dinner.

Checking my watch, I’ve got about thirteen minuets before I had to meet him in the bar. Stepping into my heels, I picked up my purse and headed out of my room. Walking into the elevator I pushed the button for the main lobby, I heard my phone go off.

*I am sitting in the bar* Brian’s text read. My body started to feel hot and flushed, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. Flatting out my skirt as the doors opened, I walked out and made my way to the bar.

Seeing him sitting there taking a sip of his drink, he looked great. Dark grey slacks, white button down dress shirt and a black tie around his neck. My mind flashed to thoughts of using that tie. My heels clicked on the tile as I walked in causing him to turn and face me. That sly smile that I’ve missed seeing came across his face. Standing up to greet me, we landed into a friendly hug that lingered a bit longer than it should.

“Right on time, care for a drink?” Brian asked, pulling out the bar stool.

“Woodford on the rocks and I am never late. I am very punctual” I replied with a smile.

As we sat enjoying out drinks and light conversation I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like naked, standing in front of me.


“We have reservations. We should go” Brian said, looking at the time.

Holding the door open for me I felt his hand on my lower back, slightly touching my ass as I walked out. A surge of heat rushed over me. I let him pick the place to eat since he lives here, the restaurant was less than a block away from my hotel.

“I hope this place is ok, they do have great food” Brian commented.

“I trust you” I said, walking inside.

We were sat and he ordered us some drinks and appetizers. As we waited we talked about his job and how he really liked living here. I talked about my books and the signings. We ate quietly, I tried to control my inner thoughts but, it was coming harder by the second. Picturing his hands all over my body and maybe even tied behind his back.

“You are super quiet. What are you thinking about?” Brian asked

“Honestly?” I muttered.

He nodded yes, do I just come out and say what I am thinking? We have always been blunt with each other, there was no reason to stop that now.

“I am debating with myself. I wonder if I should crawl under the table and give you a blow job or not” I said, with a straight face.

Brian stood up threw some money down on the table, taking me by the hand and out the door we went. I thought he was leading me back to the hotel but, he ran us into an alleyway. We stood face to face, placing my hands behind me to reach for the wall.

In a flash his lips were on mine, his body pressed hard against mine. My teeth bit down on his bottom lip and a hiss escaped his mouth. Pulling away from our kiss, he nuzzled is nose into the crease of my neck, breathing in deeply.

“God! You smell amazing. I could fuck you right here and now but, I want to use all the space in that room you have” Brian confessed.

“Well than, let’s go” I exclaimed.

As we walked towards the front door I found myself pushing my thighs together to hold in my excitement. Turned on was an understatement, I couldn’t wait much longer. Entering the elevator it was my turn to take a kiss. Walking towards Brian until he was pushed up into the corner. Kissing him hard as two other people moved to the other side. I didn’t care what they saw or thought, letting my hand travel down to his zipper. Soon I felt his length in my hand as it wrapped around his cock.

Hearing the ding of the elevator as we hit our floor I moved away even thought I didn’t want to. The two other people were deadlocked staring at us. With a wicked smile as I stepped out I told Brian not to zip up. He didn’t.

Taking out the key card, I opened the door to my room. Pushing down the strong desire to rip off his clothes right now. Brian came up behind me wrapping his arms around me and I moved away.

“Undress” I strictly said.

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed to take off my heels. Looking up at Brian as he started to unbutton his shirt, I picked up the tie off the floor and setting it by me. Next off was his shoes, his belt, pants and lastly his boxer briefs. His body was amazing, just as his hard cock was.

“Are you going to undress?” Brian asked, quietly.

I didn’t reply, standing up I walked around him taking in his body, My nails trailing over his back, pushing down into his flesh. He didn’t move, his eyes closed. Thinking about being nice to him I snagged the tie off the bed and pulled his arms behind his back, tying his wrists together. He stood there with a big smile on his face. I loved it, leaving a kiss on his lips I bent down onto my knees. Taking his cock by the base, wrapping my lips around the head slowly taking inch by inch until he was all the way in my mouth. Looking up at him I noticed his arms start to flex trying to get loose from the tie. Working my tongue and mouth around him until I felt his whole body become tense.

He was ready to cum but, not yet I’m not done. Removing myself from him I stood up and untied his hands. Turning around to where my ass was almost touching him. He pulled me closer and kissed my neck, which is one of my biggest weakness I had to move.

“Unzip me please” I requested.

A sigh came from behind me as Brian pulled down my skirt. Turning around to face him I started to undo my blouse, standing just in my bra and thong I started to take my hair down and Brian stopped me.

“Leave it” Brian whispered.

His hand reaching up and wrapping my hair into his fingers, tugging it slightly causing my whole body to react. Chills down my spine, and my nipples harden against my bra. No more waiting, I needed, wanted to feel him deep inside me.

“You are a sexy mother fucker! Lets move this out to the baloney” I blurted out.

Removing my bra as I walked towards the door, the night air caused my skin to break out in goosebumps. Bending down to slip off my thongs, setting out of them. I stood bare breathing in the night air and calming myself before I get to excited.

“You look stunning” Brian muttered.

Moving over to the rail and leaning over it. Raising my ass higher I soon felt the tip of his cock against my awaiting cunt. Turning my head to the left I noticed the two people I saw in the elevator when I had his dick in my hands. Let’s give them a proper show now. Pushing back into him to slide all the way down, clinching my pussy tight around him. He felt so good inside me, laying his body onto of my back he grabbed ahold of the railing and started to thrust into me. Winking at our voyeurs I began to match his stride.

Fuck me!

His fingers digging into my shoulder now pumping harder and harder. My head being pulled back as Brian yanked onto my ponytail.

Harder! Fuck me harder!

My ribs pushing into the rail was starting to sting a bit, my body covered with sweat. Brian’s body heat mixing with mine made the air around us thick. Wanting to move but, stay out here I pulled away from Brian.

“Sit down” I point to the chair.

Adjusting myself as I straddled my legs over Brian’s lap. Using my hand to guide his cock back inside me I began to slide back and forth, I couldn’t get enough of him.

Grab my ass, pull me deeper into you.

Letting him move my body into his, I looked over his shoulder and saw our watchers have moved over to keep watching us. My moans started to carry out into the air, I loved hearing Brian as we fucked in the chair.


Combing my fingers though his hair, pushing his head back as another orgasms waved over me. My body was responding powerfully to everything he was doing. I wanted him in every way possible.

“Take me to the bed” I hummed into his ear.

Without missing a stroke Brian picked me up and carried me to bed, smiling at our watchers I waved by. He tossed me down and spread my legs open, diving into me he started to eat my pussy. He had a hurricane tongue, causing me to flush but, he didn’t stop. Teasing my clit as he reached up to start fingering me.

Fuck! Don’t stop, use two fingers! OH GOD YES! YES!

Cumming hard again, my legs trembling to the point I had to rub my thighs to calm them down. My breath was heavy and I felt lightheaded.

“ I want more” Brian moaned, licking his lips.

Not moving, I just laid there as Brian laid between my legs. I needed, I wanted more as well but, he could wait a bit longer. I moved my legs from under him and moved down towards his cock. Slowly teasing his ball and shaft with my nails. He grew harder with each touch, bending down I used the tip of my tongue to lick around the head of his cock. In one fluid movement I took him all in my mouth. I felt his hands on my head pushing me down further. Normally that action would have caused me to stop and say don’t do that but, now I didn’t mind actually I enjoyed it.

“I am going to cum” Brian exclaimed.

Moving my mouth all over him I soon felt the warmth of him fill up my mouth. Sweet and a little salty, I swallowed every last drop.

“You taste delicious” I remarked, raising my head up.

A smile laid upon his face while I stood up. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my body red, imprints of his fingers on my ass where he dug into me. I loved the freshly fucked look my body was showing me. Longing for more but, I wanted to take a nice hot shower first.

“ Meet me in the shower, I am ready for round two and you better be ready” I advised with a smile.

©2015 Angela Crum/Cherrydarling

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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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