Constant Craving

Constant Craving

I have always been attracted to women. Their soft tender bodies and their touch always so deliberate. Throughout my sexual experiences I’ve only been with two women regardless of my attraction for them.


I remember when I first met Lisa at a mutual friend’s house. I was invited over for a little get together, where it was just guys and girls catching up on things, on each other. Among the group Lisa was by far the most attractive. Her personality filled the room with jokes, laugher and, Oh my God her smile. It wasn’t hard to get sucked into whatever she was talking about. I didn’t say much at first, because to be honest I am kinda shy when meeting new people. But, I listened and glared into her while she entertained everyone at the party. Then her eyes moved to me; it was like she noticed me- I’m so nervous; she is approaching me. What is she going to say to me? She extended her hand out to me, “Hello, My name is Lisa, Nice to meet you!” she says shaking my hand.


I don’t remember a single thing she said to me. I was watching her mouth form words wondering what it would be like to feel them on me. What she might taste like. I know I had to have blushed three times as she was talking to me. I could feel myself getting wet with her voice and my thoughts.


Of all of my traits my shyness always makes me laugh at myself. Once I’m comfortable I’m a BIG talker. But, now not able to say anything I find myself screaming in my head to say something, anything before she leaves. All I can muster up is a goodbye and very nice to meet you. I just sat still in my chair kicking myself in my head. I can’t believe I didn’t say anything. Ugh!

I really hope I get to meet her again.


After saying my goodbyes, I head home, yelling at myself. You are 35 years old! And you can’t say hello? I felt like I was back in High School all over again. I’m such a dork!


It was about a full year before I got to meet Lisa again. Our mutual friend was hosting a dinner again. Her voice was the first thing I heard walking into the house. I quickly felt flushed and wet. She came rushing right up to me and hugged me tightly her breasts pushing into mine. There was an instant connection after that hug. She is much easier to talk to this time. Well, honestly I forced myself to talk to her. She is sexy as hell. A fiery redhead with an attitude to match, leaving me just as spellbound as the first time I met her.

When the moment came for our goodbyes, we exchanged phone numbers and the very next day we began texting each other. The conversations we shared felt like we had been close friends forever.


At first, our texts began innocent, but then slowly we started flirting with each other; than out of the blue things became much more than flirting when Lisa texted me with this message.

*Wanna see something?* her text read

I was more than ready to “see something”. Turned on by the thought of what it could be. I felt my heart begin to race and my body fills up with anticipation. When I replied yes, my mind was in pure wanton with lust. I waited for her reply and it felt like forever waiting for her text back. Holding my phone in my hand I watch the time change then a bing!! There it was, staring at a picture of Lisa standing in front of her shower; her body wet and red from shower she just took. Her bright red hair clinging to her face and a smile looking at me. I run my finger over the picture and when I scroll down I notice a message.

*Since I’ve met you, I’ve wanted you! I want you now!*


My mouth went dry, my heart pumping with pure disbelief, yet filled with excitement and I feel a sudden ache between my legs. All I could do was respond with an emoticon smiley face. I stared into the picture again getting transfixed when another text pops up on my screen.

*May I have one in return* she asks


Reading and rereading the question my body fills with adrenaline, I feel a little reluctant at first but, I had to answer- it wouldn’t be right to receive and not give. I walk into my bathroom and start to undress myself. As I stand in front of my mirror staring at myself, wondering if she will like what she sees. I hold my phone up and snap a photo of my awaiting body. I can’t believe I am doing this; I can feel my skin develop goose bumps as I hit send. The wait for her reply seems to take forever, then popping on my screen of my phone.

*You have a beautiful body!* it reads


I felt a tremble of happiness roll over me. I walk over to my bed and go back to her picture. I study her body; I trace her curves with my finger tips and look at every detail of her face. Her picture leaves me with a deeper notion of what it would be like to kiss her, taste her – fuck her. The need is over powering. I need her now! I couldn’t’ keep modest anymore; her inviting body is calling to me. The bing of my phone pulls me out of my sexual trance.

*So, um, I was wondering if you’d like to come over today?* she texts me

My reply was a sudden impulse as I type YES!. As I hit send, I type another saying I will be over in about 25 minutes. I’ve never been so nervous before. I’ve been with girls before but, Lisa is very different than the others. It felt like it was my first time at everything! I hop into the shower and shave my legs, underarms and pussy. I lather my body with my cherry body wash and rinse off. I step out and dry off, lotioning up. Standing naked my body is covered with excitement and arousal.


I fix my hair and put on my makeup. Now standing in my closet looking at my clothes, I must have tried on a dozen outfits. I couldn’t find anything enticing to wear, until I put on my black laced bra and black laced thong. I’m a firm believer in sexy underwear! I only hope that Lisa will be turned on when she sees them. I finally decide on a pair of black shorts and a red tank top, my thoughts are racing with anxiety; not the anxiety of nervousness but, the excitement of being with Lisa soon.


What has she done to me? I suddenly feel sexy! Bold! I’m so flustered with lust and desire. I barely pay attention as I am driving to her house. Pulling into her driveway; time felt as if it stopped as I was walking to her door. I knocked on her door. My hands are sweaty and my stomach filled with butterflies. I felt a sudden deep ache between my legs again. “Oh my God!. I’m so nervous” I whisper to myself.


The door swings open and, there she is- Lisa. She is wearing a short jean skirt and a blue tank top with no bra. Her nipples poked out. They were delicious looking and I had to fight the urge to reach out and touch them. I could feel myself swelling as I stared at her. I am on fire!

“Hello, I am so happy you made it, come in please” she said smiling.


Stepping inside I watch her close the door. Then she came to me and hugged me. I nuzzled my nose deep into her hair, breathing in her scent deep into my lungs. She smells like sandalwood and vanilla. The smell of her made my mouth water and fuel my want and desire to taste her. I could stay in this embrace forever.

“Would you like a drink?” she asks pulling away from me.

“Yes please” I stutter still in the haze from her scent.


As talkative as we are in our texts, I couldn’t believe how speechless we are now. Was she as nervous as me? Normally I would be more brazen more outspoken since we have known each other. What the hell is wrong with me? I need to tell her how I am feeling- how much I want her. Just as I am about to speak, I’m taken back by here again.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I laid eyes on you” she blurts out.


I just stood there, staring at her, listening to her. I stepped closer to her and pressed my lips against hers, forcing my tongue in her mouth to find hers. I suddenly taste her pheromones of her sweet saliva that mixed with mine. I was getting lost in the seduction of our kiss. Falling deeper and deeper until she pulls away from me giving me the sexiest grin I have ever seen.


“Come with me” she whispers taking my hand and leading the way to her bedroom. Once we were in her room, I felt the warmth of her breath on my neck as she said “I want to undress you”. The feeling of her kisses on me sent me into a euphoric feeling which made my center ache for her touch. I was wet, dying to get my clothes off and be naked with her.


I soon feel her delicate fingers all over my body, my shorts were suddenly unbuttoned and dropping to the floor. My tank top raised over my head and I watched it get tossed to the floor. Standing before in my bra and thongs. “You have such a wonderful body” she says as she ran her fingers over my budding breasts. Causing me more goose bumps, I blush over her statement, instantly replying with a smile, “thank you” Her touch, her everything. Gave me the courage I needed.

“My turn” I say as I take off her shirt, letting it fall next to my shorts. I raised her top over her head, her hard nipples greet me. The sight of them fills me with a temptation to taste me, I couldn’t resist them. I lean forward wrapping my lips around her tiny candy shaped nipples. Tasting the very flavor I’ve imagined in my mind- a taste of pure ecstasy.


I feel her arms relax over me as she sat me down on her bed. They encircle around me, my bra being unhooked by her hands. My breathing starts to grow heavy. My breasts are now exposed to her and the cool air. My nipples harden and are ready. My hands reach up and touch her as she touches me. Discovering each other for the first time and, it feels so amazing.

“I have thought about this every day since I have met you” she says grinning down at me.

“So have I” I let out with a sigh..


I desperately want her to climb on to me and take me. My breathing grows heavier but, I am in control of my anticipation. In that moment we both are ready. Ready for each other. I look up at Lisa’s face adorned with the most wicked, sexy smile I have ever seen. I was dying to know what she had in store for me. Then she started to pull down her panties and asked me if I was ready.


I nod my head yes. I am more than ready. My body was on the edge. Standing before me- naked and stunning. She leans towards me and I fell her fingers grab ahold of my thongs and pull them down.


Bare together.


“I want to take you all in” she says standing in front of me.


Grabbing a pillow off of her bed and tosses it on the floor in front of me and kneels down. Spreading my legs, my soft pink lips of my pussy opens for her. Leaning into me she kisses my inner thigh. I feel her tongue starts to move up and down my slit. Bringing me to ever increasing moments of pure pleasure, her fingers finding and playing with my clit. Sending me far over the edge. My body starts to shake from the orgasm her talented mouth gave me.


She stands up and licks her fingers and moves up to the bed and lies next to me. Cuddling closer to me, “You taste amazing” she says.


I roll over to my side facing her. I run my fingernails over her body. Watching her body react to my touch, leaning in I wrap my lips her tender buds again. Her moans ring into my ears. My hand travels down to her shaved pussy her legs widen for me- welcoming me.


Sliding my middle finger down her slit, her wetness covers me. I insert two of my fingers inside her as my thumb caresses her clit. I feel her legs starting to buck against my hand and she puts her hand between my legs and starts to finger me again. We lean into each other’s mouths, our tongues play with each other. I can taste myself on her mouth and it turns me on more. We have our own rhythm, finger fucking each other. Our moans echoing in each other’s mouth as we grind harder, her wetness is flowing down my hand as I am sure mine is.


We climax hard together and slowly pull away. Our bodies cover in sweat and the smell of sex lingers in the air. Trying to catch our breaths. Interlocking our legs, she rests her head on my chest.

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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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