Office Light

Office Light



Another long day alone in my office to go along with my long work week. I pushed my office chair away from my desk; papers, pens and notes covered it almost completely. I took my off my glasses and rested my eyes just for a moment. As I opened them up my eyes caught the time. 5:00- I had two hours of work to go. It felt like a lifetime away and I really didn’t want to finish any of my work.


*Hey! I just drove by your office and saw your light was on. Would you like some coffee?*


His text felt like a lifesaver. I didn’t really get anyone that came into my office; it was mostly phone calls and emails. I missed human interaction, I missed talking to a face and the treat of coffee always had my attention.




I couldn’t had hit sent fast enough on my reply back, I almost opened my window and yelled yes. I wasn’t sure what I was more excited for- the coffee or the company? I started to clean up my desk and I wanted to make sure my office didn’t look like it had been through a battle. I quickly ran into the bathroom and freshened up as best as I could. I wanted to make sure I didn’t look too bad, I was exhausted and thought it might show on my face. It was a Friday, so I was in my best jeans, tight and made my ass look good and my favorite black sweater, it was somewhat low cut but; when you have breasts like I do- everything was low cut. As I looked into the mirror I didn’t look as bad as I thought I might.


I heard footsteps of someone coming upstairs, I knew it was my coffee and company. As he opened the door, I saw his smile first and smelled him second. His smell always lingered- it was a mix of very expensive cologne and him. He always smelled like the sun, wind and just whatever pheromones he was blessed with. He carried two coffees with him as he entered my office. I stood up to greet him with a hug as I always had; he sat the drinks down and hugged me tightly back. His whole body pressed into mine, I nuzzled my nose into him without being to obvious.


“How has your day been? He asked, sitting down.


“Its been a day, calls after calls and a pile of emails left to do” I replied.


“I can go if you-


“NO! Please, I need this break. Please” I said, almost begged.


My whole office filled with his scent, my tension and idle conversation. It was not like we didn’t have anything to talk about it or didn’t know how to have a good conversation. My mind was completely distracted by his energy. It always had been easy to fantasize about him, I knew what was on his mind, it was almost always on his mind.


“Thank you so much for the coffee.” I commented.


He didn’t reply back; just smiled, he stood up and walked over to where I sat. Held his hand out to me and I took it. We were soon face to face, his heat filled every bit of the space in my office. Before I knew it he bent down and started to kiss me, my mouth opened and invited him in. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer. I felt every bit of his body pressed against mine. I felt his hard on; at that point I knew what was about to happen.


Should I stop by him? Someone could come in, someone could call. I didn’t care. I wanted this, I wanted him. I needed every bit of release that was about to happen. I soon felt his fingers fumble with my belt, my button and soon my zipper. His hand made his way down the front of my jeans, over my panties and down to my cunt. I shivered as I felt the tip of his finger on me. I was frozen in my tracks as he reached deeper into me. I knew what I wanted to do but, I didn’t want to move. I was enjoying this too much and I was being selfish.


My body started to shake as I knew I was about to cum, I wanted to feel more. I wanted to feel all of him. I became ravenous as I started to undo his shorts. As we tore off each others clothes, I remembered the three windows that were in my office, I didn’t care. I didn’t care who saw me, I didn’t care if someone did. I was hungry, thirsty for everything. He propped me up onto my desk; I leaned as far back on my desk as I could and tied my legs around his waist; pulled him closer to me.


I was ready.


The tip of his cock teased me before I soon felt every inch. I could had came right then, all of my stress was gone with that first thrust deep inside of me. The rhythm of his body mixed so well with mine. I had this thought play in my mind everytime I entered my office. Deep hidden fantasies- he didn’t mess around, he didn’t move in slow motion.


He fucked me.


It was as if he knew that was how I needed it. I needed to fuck the aggression of the day away, of the week away. My body was on fire, my body was ready to explode and just as I was about to have my first powerful orgasm he pulled away. Pulled me off the desk and spun me around. He took ahold of my hips and with one swift stroke he entered me from behind. His hands held tightly to my shoulders as he pumped into me. My head was being pulled back as his fingers dug deep into my hair. My office and the small space outside my door echoed with my moans. My whole body began to shake; I could barely stand up for much longer. I came.


In a tidal wave rush, I came. I laid myself over my desk and he stayed inside of me. My breathing was rapid and I wanted more. Everything of the day was gone with the orgasm and I was so grateful. As much as I wanted more, I was just spent, turned out. He fucked me so well. He helped me up to my feet and we each began to get dressed.


I reached for my office chair, I needed to sit down. I took a long drink of my coffee and gave him a smile. I couldn’t muster a word, just a sigh. His face bore a smile, a smile that showed his victory. He knew what he was doing when he texted saying he was bringing me coffee. He could have came without it and I would have hoped for the same thing to happen and I am sure it would have.


“Thank you” I sighed.


He kissed me softly before he left my office. Before he shut the door he turned back at me smiled, winked and waved goodbye. I sat in my office chair and replayed the events over in my head. I didn’t care about the work I needed to finish, I was completely relaxed and just sat there and finished my coffee.

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I am a poet and an erotic writer. I love opening the minds of my readers.... My vampire series can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace. "Just one bite" is all you need. All material contained herein, including images, text and stories, unless specifically indicated, are Copyright © 2012 by the author.
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