I want to enlighten you.
Let me tell you what I want.
Up against the wall, my legs wrapped around you.
Your hands on my ass holding me up.
Fingers slightly grazing my sex.
A kiss that leaves me weak and breathless.
Your fingers wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back as you nibble and bite my neck.
Take me.
Take me as I’m up against the wall.
Hold my wrists up above me, keep me in place.
Don’t stop-
Keep going, until I scream and keep going after.
Hold me tightly until I come down from your enlightenment..

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Devour me..
Take all of me.
I want to see splash down into a pool of desire.
I want to keep this feeling going.
I long for it all.
Your sensual pleasures.
Your skills.
You are a master.
You know my body.
You know its reactions to what you do.
I want more..

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Make me cum…..
Let’s make this fun…..
Under the booth at dinner, your hand Slipping up my skirt…
Trying to be still-
But your touch is to much….
Just as I reach the point of a pleasure.
The point of release..
Just as I’m about to cum,,,,,
You stop….
“Not yet baby”,,,,
Don’t make me wait longer….
The touch of your hand, mouth feels like a drug- and I’m addicted..
The feel of your cock deep inside me- just the thought could make me cum.
I don’t know how long I can wait.  

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Oh baby…..

Let me hear you talk softly in my ear.

Nice and sweetly………. at first.

Let me kiss you, there.

Your voice sends me into a tailspin.

It plays like a song in my head.

Its all I need to get going.

I’m going to touch you here.

You don’t have to ask, just do it.

Just don’t stop, please baby keep going.

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Awaken (The Start of my A to Z erotica poetry collection)

Awaken, lets make that dream you were having come true.

Let me get on top of you and feel you all the way in.

I want to sit here for a minute and relish this pleasure.

Touch me, make my skin come alive.

Ease my motion into you.

Closing my eyes letting the wave of my rhythm take me away.

My arms wide open welcoming the first of many climaxes.

I don’t want to stop, keep me going. Work my body into what that dream.

You have awoken me.

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Wholesome Addiction. Female answers to their question show. Pod Cast 140…

First let me say how much I love this pod cast and the guys that host it. After listening last night I answered the questions they were reading off. I told them I would post my answers.. Here they are in order of how they were read… If you haven’t listened to their pod cast you SHOULD!!! (each question will be shortened)

Question 1-  A guy in college was under the influence and went down on a guy and he’s done it before, but each time he was under the influence.

I agree with what the guys had to say. He might be bi and just not ready to come out as bi. Also you need to be YOU and don’t worry about what others are going to say. And don’t give head in public! (anyone bi, gay or straight. Man, woman, boy or girl) Go into a private room!

This will NOT ruin you, if that was the case there would be a lot more of us “ruined”.

Question 2-  Porn, Sex and Erotica question. Top 3 turns on’s in both.

Sex- 1, Take what you want, don’t be shy.

2- Big hands, all over, everywhere!

3- Dirty talk and good smelling.

Porn/Erotica- 1- I want to be able to put myself deep into the story.

2- Watching porn I like a good story line. ( I know its funny, but I do)

3-  I LOVE bdsm erotica, everything about it.

Question 3- About getting videos .

I can’t really answer this because I don’t know. The guys gave great advice that I will pass on to others. Also check out youporn.com they have tons of videos.

Question 4- Dirty talk

OPEN TALKS!!! communication! Pick a day to discuss what she and you want. There are plenty of books that talk about this topic that can start off a good talk.

Question 5- (Pod cast reference 137) About loving Wholesome Addiction.

I LOVE this pod cast. Even in this day and time sex is hidden and some still shameful about it. It’s something that needs to be changed. Open talks about sex and the “hotness” is what is needed for understanding. Thank you guys for this show!!!

Question 6- FAP !!!!! That was to funny… You just need to hear it..

Question 7- About Cat houses in Vegas.

I don’t know about that, but I do LOVE Vegas its like my Disney land. Its shiny, loud, dirty and vulgar. Everything I hold dear to my heart…

Question 8- 25 year old virgin with first time with an escort. (He couldn’t cum)

Maybe the build up was to much and the nerves where too high. I would have found a friend of yours and done it with them. I am sure the next time will be much better.

Question 9- Leaked photos of famous people.

I 100% agree with Jennifer Lawrence. She gave the best response!!! It’s a shame that the photos were leaked. Trust was broken from the cloud. People are going to take and send pictures, but they shouldn’t be leaked, put up after a break up. Its just crazy what people do with them. Sad really.

Question 10- Girl question)!!! Made me so happy to hear a girl question. What is your biggest fantasy?

All I have to say is watch the video Hurricane by 30 Seconds to Mars.. YES YES YES YES and YES!!!! OMG yes all of it… NOW!!!!!

Question 11- “Hate Mail” A woman doesn’t like the show and how her boyfriend watches porn and listens to the show.

She should listen to it with him. She needs to open her mind! She would be a lot more happier and less stressed. She needs to have a talk with her boyfriend and ask what he gets out of both. She needs to look at herself and know women have power and the pussy!

Question 12- Nipple piercing.

I remember when I got mine done in Vegas they guy said “Get them both done not one and wait or you won’t get the other done” SO TRUE!!!  I love mine, but it fucking hurt!

Question 13- Playboy,,, why is it still around?

Good damn question. Its so airbrushed. The pictures don’t look real. I want to see realness., rawness. Not foggy lighting and airbrushed women. The guys that buy them at my job (I work in a book store) they are about 100 years old…… ugh!

Question 14- Two chicks in latex and driving a lambo.

My picks Rosario Dawson and Juliette Lewis in a vintage mustang!!! YYYYEEESSSS girl bean boner!!!!

Question 15- If a girl smells good no matter what she looks like would you be attracted?

I love good smells, I have been known to turn my head to find that good smell. Man or woman.

Question 16-  Why each guy has a preference for girls.

Doesn’t everyone have a certain type they like? I thought everyone did. I know I do…. Just thought that is how it goes…

Question 17-  Sparking toys (plug in toys)

I don’t have plug in toys, and maybe should look into them. All mine are glass pieces. But I would NOT want to be electrocuted that why or at all. That is something you would see on sex sent me to the er LOL!~!!!!!  OUCH….

Question 18 and the last one- Crazy ass neighbor that patrols with yard with his dog that he also rubs his balls…. Yeah you read that right…  Also brings home hookers, the guy asked if they should call the cops..

I guess as long as NOONE dog included was NOT getting hurt then let that crazy man be.

I LOVED hearing all the questions turned in, I loved hearing the guys answers. I loved added mine… I hope to be able to do this again…. Thanks Sean, Beef and The Operator…

Much love guys,

Angela/ Cherrydarling…

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I thought of you….

I thought about you when I placed my hand there.

Soft and slow, I want to make this feeling last.

I want to remember how you touched me and try to match it.

I want to cum like that again, 

 and again….



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