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A book of a collection of all my short stories. I will post when it is “live”

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Office Light

Office Light



Another long day alone in my office to go along with my long work week. I pushed my office chair away from my desk; papers, pens and notes covered it almost completely. I took my off my glasses and rested my eyes just for a moment. As I opened them up my eyes caught the time. 5:00- I had two hours of work to go. It felt like a lifetime away and I really didn’t want to finish any of my work.


*Hey! I just drove by your office and saw your light was on. Would you like some coffee?*


His text felt like a lifesaver. I didn’t really get anyone that came into my office; it was mostly phone calls and emails. I missed human interaction, I missed talking to a face and the treat of coffee always had my attention.




I couldn’t had hit sent fast enough on my reply back, I almost opened my window and yelled yes. I wasn’t sure what I was more excited for- the coffee or the company? I started to clean up my desk and I wanted to make sure my office didn’t look like it had been through a battle. I quickly ran into the bathroom and freshened up as best as I could. I wanted to make sure I didn’t look too bad, I was exhausted and thought it might show on my face. It was a Friday, so I was in my best jeans, tight and made my ass look good and my favorite black sweater, it was somewhat low cut but; when you have breasts like I do- everything was low cut. As I looked into the mirror I didn’t look as bad as I thought I might.


I heard footsteps of someone coming upstairs, I knew it was my coffee and company. As he opened the door, I saw his smile first and smelled him second. His smell always lingered- it was a mix of very expensive cologne and him. He always smelled like the sun, wind and just whatever pheromones he was blessed with. He carried two coffees with him as he entered my office. I stood up to greet him with a hug as I always had; he sat the drinks down and hugged me tightly back. His whole body pressed into mine, I nuzzled my nose into him without being to obvious.


“How has your day been? He asked, sitting down.


“Its been a day, calls after calls and a pile of emails left to do” I replied.


“I can go if you-


“NO! Please, I need this break. Please” I said, almost begged.


My whole office filled with his scent, my tension and idle conversation. It was not like we didn’t have anything to talk about it or didn’t know how to have a good conversation. My mind was completely distracted by his energy. It always had been easy to fantasize about him, I knew what was on his mind, it was almost always on his mind.


“Thank you so much for the coffee.” I commented.


He didn’t reply back; just smiled, he stood up and walked over to where I sat. Held his hand out to me and I took it. We were soon face to face, his heat filled every bit of the space in my office. Before I knew it he bent down and started to kiss me, my mouth opened and invited him in. His arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer. I felt every bit of his body pressed against mine. I felt his hard on; at that point I knew what was about to happen.


Should I stop by him? Someone could come in, someone could call. I didn’t care. I wanted this, I wanted him. I needed every bit of release that was about to happen. I soon felt his fingers fumble with my belt, my button and soon my zipper. His hand made his way down the front of my jeans, over my panties and down to my cunt. I shivered as I felt the tip of his finger on me. I was frozen in my tracks as he reached deeper into me. I knew what I wanted to do but, I didn’t want to move. I was enjoying this too much and I was being selfish.


My body started to shake as I knew I was about to cum, I wanted to feel more. I wanted to feel all of him. I became ravenous as I started to undo his shorts. As we tore off each others clothes, I remembered the three windows that were in my office, I didn’t care. I didn’t care who saw me, I didn’t care if someone did. I was hungry, thirsty for everything. He propped me up onto my desk; I leaned as far back on my desk as I could and tied my legs around his waist; pulled him closer to me.


I was ready.


The tip of his cock teased me before I soon felt every inch. I could had came right then, all of my stress was gone with that first thrust deep inside of me. The rhythm of his body mixed so well with mine. I had this thought play in my mind everytime I entered my office. Deep hidden fantasies- he didn’t mess around, he didn’t move in slow motion.


He fucked me.


It was as if he knew that was how I needed it. I needed to fuck the aggression of the day away, of the week away. My body was on fire, my body was ready to explode and just as I was about to have my first powerful orgasm he pulled away. Pulled me off the desk and spun me around. He took ahold of my hips and with one swift stroke he entered me from behind. His hands held tightly to my shoulders as he pumped into me. My head was being pulled back as his fingers dug deep into my hair. My office and the small space outside my door echoed with my moans. My whole body began to shake; I could barely stand up for much longer. I came.


In a tidal wave rush, I came. I laid myself over my desk and he stayed inside of me. My breathing was rapid and I wanted more. Everything of the day was gone with the orgasm and I was so grateful. As much as I wanted more, I was just spent, turned out. He fucked me so well. He helped me up to my feet and we each began to get dressed.


I reached for my office chair, I needed to sit down. I took a long drink of my coffee and gave him a smile. I couldn’t muster a word, just a sigh. His face bore a smile, a smile that showed his victory. He knew what he was doing when he texted saying he was bringing me coffee. He could have came without it and I would have hoped for the same thing to happen and I am sure it would have.


“Thank you” I sighed.


He kissed me softly before he left my office. Before he shut the door he turned back at me smiled, winked and waved goodbye. I sat in my office chair and replayed the events over in my head. I didn’t care about the work I needed to finish, I was completely relaxed and just sat there and finished my coffee.

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The Request

-The Request-

It had almost been a year since the request was asked to me. Do you still want to sleep with Lisa? I was sure a big smile along with a shocked look showed on my face, as the question was so bluntly asked to me. There was no denying the fact that I wanted to do it. Still. From the first day that I met Lisa I wanted her. Everything about Lisa was sexy, her beautiful smile, voluptuous body and out-of-this world personality, which was like a magnet to me. I loved every chance that I got to be around her.

Now, I would like it to be known I didn’t ignore the request when it was asked, if truth be told, it went deeper for me. I had my own issues to sort out and it all came down to my own body images.



Thick thighed.

But, I had to push those thoughts aside, I had already accepted the request and I had to meet Lisa at the hotel in a few hours. I stood in front of my full length mirror only wearing my black lace thong and bra that matched. I stared deeply at myself trying to sexy myself up. I knew that I was sexy in this outfit and I was very ready, ready for what the night had planned.

As I drove through the city on my way to the hotel that was picked, I remembered the last time I shared a kiss with Lisa. Her tender rose petal lips pressed onto mine, as I pulled away trying to catch my breath. Sweet like honey, that daydream caused my pussy to ache. As I pulled into the parking garage I wondered how it would all play out. I did what I could to relax and told myself to let the night take me where it would go.

I chose to wear my favorite jeans, black heeled boots and my black tank top that was sheer in the back. The jeans, tight and made my ass look very nice. I made my way through the front lobby towards to bar. There she sat, she turned around to face me, as she saw me in the reflection in the mirror that hung behind the bar. Her red, ember like hair framed her face perfectly. As she spun around on the bar stool, she crossed her bare legs. Black heels that tied up around her calves. The red skirt she wore was slightly hiked up to show off her thighs, a tight black corset that tied all the way down her back. Lisa stood up and started to walk towards me, arms wide open. She smelled like summer, a mix of light flowers and exotic oils. I felt her hand go down my back and over my ass.

“Come, I ordered you a drink” Lisa offered.

We sat together at the bar, I felt all the eyes upon us. We shared light conversation, mostly of what happened during the day before we both came here. Lisa’s energy relaxed me quickly, it had always been easy for me to feel calm around her. She finished her glass of wine and I finished my whiskey on the rocks.

“Are you ready to go to our room?” I asked, with a smile.

She stood up and hooked her arm inside mine as we walked over to the elevator. As we stood in the elevator awaiting our floor, I leaned over and kissed her, I needed to break the ice. I was ready.

“Thank was very nice” Lisa remarked.

A big smile laid upon my face as the doors opened to our floor. Lisa took the keycard out for the room and held the door open for me. Inside the room was ready, there were candles lit that sat on the tables and night stands. Placed out on top of the bed was strips of black silk just waiting to be used.

The corner of the room there sat to figures but, they didn’t say a word. Lisa and I knew they would be here, they must had set the room up while we were down in the bar. Lisa took my hand and led me over to the bed and sat down next me. She pulled me close to her and kissed me again, our tongues explored each others mouth as our hands started to fumble with our clothes.

“Let me undress you” I commented.

I untied the straps on each of her heels and set them by the end of the bed. I stood her up, turned her around and started to unzip her skirt. Lisa reached around and pulled the ribbon on corset. I loosed it up and slid it over her head, Lisa stood naked before. A goddess.

“My turn” Lisa exclaimed, with a wicked smile.

After my boots were off, she undid my belt, and soon my jeans where off as well as my tank top. I stood before her in my black lace thong and bra. Lisa trailed her fingers down my rib cage and over my back as she stood closer to me. I heard the two figures start to breath a little heavier. I felt slight fear, not scared of what we were about to do, just fear of standing in front of her, of them. Exposed.

I reached behind me and undid my bra and let it fall to the ground, I shimmed out of my thong. I needed to push those feelings away and just do what I wanted to do. I sat Lisa back down onto the bed and I leaned over her. I started to kiss in between her breasts and down to her sex. Just as I had envisioned, she tasted like heaven- sweet like a peach and just as juicy. Lisa opened her legs wider for me, I let my mouth go all over and into her. I started to finger fuck her as I licked her clit.

“YES! YES! Please don’t stop” Lisa moaned.

My movements became quicker as I knew she was close to cumming. I wanted all of her. I devoured her pussy and she came hard. I loved it! I stood up and went to lay down next to her onto the bed. Lisa’s breathing was rapid and her body was a glow from the orgasm I had just given to her.

“That was wonderful, now it’s my turn” Lisa sighed.

I first felt her lips wrap around my nipple as her hand travels down to my cunt. One finger on my clit and a finger deep inside me. I was so worked up from overthinking this, from longing and desire I came with a flush.

“That’s my girl” Lisa giggled.

I rolled over and pulled her closer to me, I wrapped both my arm and legs around her, enveloping her up in to me. I couldn’t get closer to her, I laid with her in my arms breathing her in. My legs wouldn’t stop shaking, Lisa started to play my hair and that started to bring me down, in a good way.

“Bravo, Ladies. That was a beautiful thing to watch!” Sean commented.

“Oh, I very much agree! Now ladies- show us what you can do with those silk ties.” Keith suggested.

The night had just begun and my fear, nervousness and doubts of my own self had washed away. I was ready for it, I was ready for it all.


©2017 Angela Crum

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Women and Sexuality

Women and Sexuality

By: Angela Crum
I am going to be honest, it has taken me a long time to get where I am with my sexuality. For a woman I believe I am more open minded than many other women I know. There is nothing more that I hate is slut shaming and body shaming. It is an completely unnecessary harassment of ones being and one of the worst double standards out there.

I get so many questions on how to be more open minded. I have told others it’s just not like a switch that can be turned on. You need to look inside yourself and be comfortable with yourself 100%. I posted a question in a Facebook group that I am in to all the women. “Why do you think some women are still scared to ask for what they want sexually?” Now let me say the women that answered gave great replies and know what they want and are not afraid to ask for it. Here are some of the replies.

1- Spontaneity, to be taken and ravished. Maybe a little like bondage, get inside your partners fantasies.

2- Why some women put up with NO orgasms. ( I don’t understand why ANYONE would put up with not climaxing at all)

3- How some women still follow fucked up idea that they shouldn’t enjoy sex like men do.

Going through history and seeing how women were treated for just feeling aroused. Thrown into mental institutions, lobotomies, cast upon as if the each open minded woman should wear their own Scarlett Letter. It is the year 2015 soon to be 2016 it should be okay for woman to speak her mind in the ways of her own sexuality, her desires, wants and needs.

I can’t change anyones way of thinking on this subject. I know what I love, like and want and I am lucky to have a partner that listens. I believe in this day and age anyone should be able to say I want my hair pulled, I want to be spanked ect. What is the sense of shaming someone, making them feel so ashamed by their desires. When a guy talks about his latest conquest he gets high fives and a round of drinks. If a woman says anything of the same she is called a whore, slut and easy.

For the woman that will read this, please BE YOU! Get the pleasure you are deserved. If you and your partner can’t have an open conversation maybe it’s time to find someone who you can talk openly with. No-one wants to tell their deep fantasies with only to be laughed at. If it comes to rough play, role play it all should be able to be talked about with open minds, hearts and clear meaning.

When will it be okay to be ourselves, fully? Not looked at like we have committed some type of crime. I am adding a list of questions I have been asked along with my own answers. I hope that this will help some women (maybe even men) out there.

1- How do I just say what I want?- Plan a night together for open conversation. BE HONEST and don’t sugarcoat it. Explain why you want this, if they say no and give an explanation. Be respectful. People have triggers that they might not be ready to talk about. Time is always a good thing.

2- How do I start BDSM?- RESEARCH!!!! Just because you watched a movie with it, or read a book doesn’t mean that you should just dive deep into that. Know your soft and hard limits. Look into what you want and be safe.

3- How do you talk about “the list”?- Does it really matter how many people anyone has slept with?

Don’t keep your desires, thoughts or wants pushed down or hidden. It will only lead to resentment and once that is set in, it only goes downhill from there.

Women or Men, whatever type of relationship that you are in HONESTY is the biggest key. Don’t deny yourself your needs or the needs of your partner. Once it’s all out in the open any relationship can only blossom into something so much more. I believe if you are safe, not hurting yourself or your loved one there should be no limits. I would love to see any questions you might have you can DM at Twitter Cherrydarling13 . ©2015

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Constant Craving

Constant Craving

I have always been attracted to women. Their soft tender bodies and their touch always so deliberate. Throughout my sexual experiences I’ve only been with two women regardless of my attraction for them.


I remember when I first met Lisa at a mutual friend’s house. I was invited over for a little get together, where it was just guys and girls catching up on things, on each other. Among the group Lisa was by far the most attractive. Her personality filled the room with jokes, laugher and, Oh my God her smile. It wasn’t hard to get sucked into whatever she was talking about. I didn’t say much at first, because to be honest I am kinda shy when meeting new people. But, I listened and glared into her while she entertained everyone at the party. Then her eyes moved to me; it was like she noticed me- I’m so nervous; she is approaching me. What is she going to say to me? She extended her hand out to me, “Hello, My name is Lisa, Nice to meet you!” she says shaking my hand.


I don’t remember a single thing she said to me. I was watching her mouth form words wondering what it would be like to feel them on me. What she might taste like. I know I had to have blushed three times as she was talking to me. I could feel myself getting wet with her voice and my thoughts.


Of all of my traits my shyness always makes me laugh at myself. Once I’m comfortable I’m a BIG talker. But, now not able to say anything I find myself screaming in my head to say something, anything before she leaves. All I can muster up is a goodbye and very nice to meet you. I just sat still in my chair kicking myself in my head. I can’t believe I didn’t say anything. Ugh!

I really hope I get to meet her again.


After saying my goodbyes, I head home, yelling at myself. You are 35 years old! And you can’t say hello? I felt like I was back in High School all over again. I’m such a dork!


It was about a full year before I got to meet Lisa again. Our mutual friend was hosting a dinner again. Her voice was the first thing I heard walking into the house. I quickly felt flushed and wet. She came rushing right up to me and hugged me tightly her breasts pushing into mine. There was an instant connection after that hug. She is much easier to talk to this time. Well, honestly I forced myself to talk to her. She is sexy as hell. A fiery redhead with an attitude to match, leaving me just as spellbound as the first time I met her.

When the moment came for our goodbyes, we exchanged phone numbers and the very next day we began texting each other. The conversations we shared felt like we had been close friends forever.


At first, our texts began innocent, but then slowly we started flirting with each other; than out of the blue things became much more than flirting when Lisa texted me with this message.

*Wanna see something?* her text read

I was more than ready to “see something”. Turned on by the thought of what it could be. I felt my heart begin to race and my body fills up with anticipation. When I replied yes, my mind was in pure wanton with lust. I waited for her reply and it felt like forever waiting for her text back. Holding my phone in my hand I watch the time change then a bing!! There it was, staring at a picture of Lisa standing in front of her shower; her body wet and red from shower she just took. Her bright red hair clinging to her face and a smile looking at me. I run my finger over the picture and when I scroll down I notice a message.

*Since I’ve met you, I’ve wanted you! I want you now!*


My mouth went dry, my heart pumping with pure disbelief, yet filled with excitement and I feel a sudden ache between my legs. All I could do was respond with an emoticon smiley face. I stared into the picture again getting transfixed when another text pops up on my screen.

*May I have one in return* she asks


Reading and rereading the question my body fills with adrenaline, I feel a little reluctant at first but, I had to answer- it wouldn’t be right to receive and not give. I walk into my bathroom and start to undress myself. As I stand in front of my mirror staring at myself, wondering if she will like what she sees. I hold my phone up and snap a photo of my awaiting body. I can’t believe I am doing this; I can feel my skin develop goose bumps as I hit send. The wait for her reply seems to take forever, then popping on my screen of my phone.

*You have a beautiful body!* it reads


I felt a tremble of happiness roll over me. I walk over to my bed and go back to her picture. I study her body; I trace her curves with my finger tips and look at every detail of her face. Her picture leaves me with a deeper notion of what it would be like to kiss her, taste her – fuck her. The need is over powering. I need her now! I couldn’t’ keep modest anymore; her inviting body is calling to me. The bing of my phone pulls me out of my sexual trance.

*So, um, I was wondering if you’d like to come over today?* she texts me

My reply was a sudden impulse as I type YES!. As I hit send, I type another saying I will be over in about 25 minutes. I’ve never been so nervous before. I’ve been with girls before but, Lisa is very different than the others. It felt like it was my first time at everything! I hop into the shower and shave my legs, underarms and pussy. I lather my body with my cherry body wash and rinse off. I step out and dry off, lotioning up. Standing naked my body is covered with excitement and arousal.


I fix my hair and put on my makeup. Now standing in my closet looking at my clothes, I must have tried on a dozen outfits. I couldn’t find anything enticing to wear, until I put on my black laced bra and black laced thong. I’m a firm believer in sexy underwear! I only hope that Lisa will be turned on when she sees them. I finally decide on a pair of black shorts and a red tank top, my thoughts are racing with anxiety; not the anxiety of nervousness but, the excitement of being with Lisa soon.


What has she done to me? I suddenly feel sexy! Bold! I’m so flustered with lust and desire. I barely pay attention as I am driving to her house. Pulling into her driveway; time felt as if it stopped as I was walking to her door. I knocked on her door. My hands are sweaty and my stomach filled with butterflies. I felt a sudden deep ache between my legs again. “Oh my God!. I’m so nervous” I whisper to myself.


The door swings open and, there she is- Lisa. She is wearing a short jean skirt and a blue tank top with no bra. Her nipples poked out. They were delicious looking and I had to fight the urge to reach out and touch them. I could feel myself swelling as I stared at her. I am on fire!

“Hello, I am so happy you made it, come in please” she said smiling.


Stepping inside I watch her close the door. Then she came to me and hugged me. I nuzzled my nose deep into her hair, breathing in her scent deep into my lungs. She smells like sandalwood and vanilla. The smell of her made my mouth water and fuel my want and desire to taste her. I could stay in this embrace forever.

“Would you like a drink?” she asks pulling away from me.

“Yes please” I stutter still in the haze from her scent.


As talkative as we are in our texts, I couldn’t believe how speechless we are now. Was she as nervous as me? Normally I would be more brazen more outspoken since we have known each other. What the hell is wrong with me? I need to tell her how I am feeling- how much I want her. Just as I am about to speak, I’m taken back by here again.

“I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first time I laid eyes on you” she blurts out.


I just stood there, staring at her, listening to her. I stepped closer to her and pressed my lips against hers, forcing my tongue in her mouth to find hers. I suddenly taste her pheromones of her sweet saliva that mixed with mine. I was getting lost in the seduction of our kiss. Falling deeper and deeper until she pulls away from me giving me the sexiest grin I have ever seen.


“Come with me” she whispers taking my hand and leading the way to her bedroom. Once we were in her room, I felt the warmth of her breath on my neck as she said “I want to undress you”. The feeling of her kisses on me sent me into a euphoric feeling which made my center ache for her touch. I was wet, dying to get my clothes off and be naked with her.


I soon feel her delicate fingers all over my body, my shorts were suddenly unbuttoned and dropping to the floor. My tank top raised over my head and I watched it get tossed to the floor. Standing before in my bra and thongs. “You have such a wonderful body” she says as she ran her fingers over my budding breasts. Causing me more goose bumps, I blush over her statement, instantly replying with a smile, “thank you” Her touch, her everything. Gave me the courage I needed.

“My turn” I say as I take off her shirt, letting it fall next to my shorts. I raised her top over her head, her hard nipples greet me. The sight of them fills me with a temptation to taste me, I couldn’t resist them. I lean forward wrapping my lips around her tiny candy shaped nipples. Tasting the very flavor I’ve imagined in my mind- a taste of pure ecstasy.


I feel her arms relax over me as she sat me down on her bed. They encircle around me, my bra being unhooked by her hands. My breathing starts to grow heavy. My breasts are now exposed to her and the cool air. My nipples harden and are ready. My hands reach up and touch her as she touches me. Discovering each other for the first time and, it feels so amazing.

“I have thought about this every day since I have met you” she says grinning down at me.

“So have I” I let out with a sigh..


I desperately want her to climb on to me and take me. My breathing grows heavier but, I am in control of my anticipation. In that moment we both are ready. Ready for each other. I look up at Lisa’s face adorned with the most wicked, sexy smile I have ever seen. I was dying to know what she had in store for me. Then she started to pull down her panties and asked me if I was ready.


I nod my head yes. I am more than ready. My body was on the edge. Standing before me- naked and stunning. She leans towards me and I fell her fingers grab ahold of my thongs and pull them down.


Bare together.


“I want to take you all in” she says standing in front of me.


Grabbing a pillow off of her bed and tosses it on the floor in front of me and kneels down. Spreading my legs, my soft pink lips of my pussy opens for her. Leaning into me she kisses my inner thigh. I feel her tongue starts to move up and down my slit. Bringing me to ever increasing moments of pure pleasure, her fingers finding and playing with my clit. Sending me far over the edge. My body starts to shake from the orgasm her talented mouth gave me.


She stands up and licks her fingers and moves up to the bed and lies next to me. Cuddling closer to me, “You taste amazing” she says.


I roll over to my side facing her. I run my fingernails over her body. Watching her body react to my touch, leaning in I wrap my lips her tender buds again. Her moans ring into my ears. My hand travels down to her shaved pussy her legs widen for me- welcoming me.


Sliding my middle finger down her slit, her wetness covers me. I insert two of my fingers inside her as my thumb caresses her clit. I feel her legs starting to buck against my hand and she puts her hand between my legs and starts to finger me again. We lean into each other’s mouths, our tongues play with each other. I can taste myself on her mouth and it turns me on more. We have our own rhythm, finger fucking each other. Our moans echoing in each other’s mouth as we grind harder, her wetness is flowing down my hand as I am sure mine is.


We climax hard together and slowly pull away. Our bodies cover in sweat and the smell of sex lingers in the air. Trying to catch our breaths. Interlocking our legs, she rests her head on my chest.

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Sexy Mother Fucker

Sexy Mother Fucker

Turning myself around in the hotel mirror checking myself out in my new black lace bra and thong set. Picking up my pencil skirt, pulling it up over my ass I struggled a bit to zip of the back. Slipping each arm into my white button up blouse. The buttons ended right at the end of my exposed cleavage.

Checking my makeup in the mirror, deep smoky eyes with full red lips. My hair in a slicked back ponytail. Dabbing perfume on my neck, wrists, behind my knees and down between my breasts. My nerves were starting to get the best of me, it has been quite a few years since I’ve seen my friend Brian. Connecting with him when I got into Boston for my book signing. Relived when he agreed to meet me for drinks here in the hotel and a late dinner.

Checking my watch, I’ve got about thirteen minuets before I had to meet him in the bar. Stepping into my heels, I picked up my purse and headed out of my room. Walking into the elevator I pushed the button for the main lobby, I heard my phone go off.

*I am sitting in the bar* Brian’s text read. My body started to feel hot and flushed, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was. Flatting out my skirt as the doors opened, I walked out and made my way to the bar.

Seeing him sitting there taking a sip of his drink, he looked great. Dark grey slacks, white button down dress shirt and a black tie around his neck. My mind flashed to thoughts of using that tie. My heels clicked on the tile as I walked in causing him to turn and face me. That sly smile that I’ve missed seeing came across his face. Standing up to greet me, we landed into a friendly hug that lingered a bit longer than it should.

“Right on time, care for a drink?” Brian asked, pulling out the bar stool.

“Woodford on the rocks and I am never late. I am very punctual” I replied with a smile.

As we sat enjoying out drinks and light conversation I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like naked, standing in front of me.


“We have reservations. We should go” Brian said, looking at the time.

Holding the door open for me I felt his hand on my lower back, slightly touching my ass as I walked out. A surge of heat rushed over me. I let him pick the place to eat since he lives here, the restaurant was less than a block away from my hotel.

“I hope this place is ok, they do have great food” Brian commented.

“I trust you” I said, walking inside.

We were sat and he ordered us some drinks and appetizers. As we waited we talked about his job and how he really liked living here. I talked about my books and the signings. We ate quietly, I tried to control my inner thoughts but, it was coming harder by the second. Picturing his hands all over my body and maybe even tied behind his back.

“You are super quiet. What are you thinking about?” Brian asked

“Honestly?” I muttered.

He nodded yes, do I just come out and say what I am thinking? We have always been blunt with each other, there was no reason to stop that now.

“I am debating with myself. I wonder if I should crawl under the table and give you a blow job or not” I said, with a straight face.

Brian stood up threw some money down on the table, taking me by the hand and out the door we went. I thought he was leading me back to the hotel but, he ran us into an alleyway. We stood face to face, placing my hands behind me to reach for the wall.

In a flash his lips were on mine, his body pressed hard against mine. My teeth bit down on his bottom lip and a hiss escaped his mouth. Pulling away from our kiss, he nuzzled is nose into the crease of my neck, breathing in deeply.

“God! You smell amazing. I could fuck you right here and now but, I want to use all the space in that room you have” Brian confessed.

“Well than, let’s go” I exclaimed.

As we walked towards the front door I found myself pushing my thighs together to hold in my excitement. Turned on was an understatement, I couldn’t wait much longer. Entering the elevator it was my turn to take a kiss. Walking towards Brian until he was pushed up into the corner. Kissing him hard as two other people moved to the other side. I didn’t care what they saw or thought, letting my hand travel down to his zipper. Soon I felt his length in my hand as it wrapped around his cock.

Hearing the ding of the elevator as we hit our floor I moved away even thought I didn’t want to. The two other people were deadlocked staring at us. With a wicked smile as I stepped out I told Brian not to zip up. He didn’t.

Taking out the key card, I opened the door to my room. Pushing down the strong desire to rip off his clothes right now. Brian came up behind me wrapping his arms around me and I moved away.

“Undress” I strictly said.

Taking a seat on the edge of the bed to take off my heels. Looking up at Brian as he started to unbutton his shirt, I picked up the tie off the floor and setting it by me. Next off was his shoes, his belt, pants and lastly his boxer briefs. His body was amazing, just as his hard cock was.

“Are you going to undress?” Brian asked, quietly.

I didn’t reply, standing up I walked around him taking in his body, My nails trailing over his back, pushing down into his flesh. He didn’t move, his eyes closed. Thinking about being nice to him I snagged the tie off the bed and pulled his arms behind his back, tying his wrists together. He stood there with a big smile on his face. I loved it, leaving a kiss on his lips I bent down onto my knees. Taking his cock by the base, wrapping my lips around the head slowly taking inch by inch until he was all the way in my mouth. Looking up at him I noticed his arms start to flex trying to get loose from the tie. Working my tongue and mouth around him until I felt his whole body become tense.

He was ready to cum but, not yet I’m not done. Removing myself from him I stood up and untied his hands. Turning around to where my ass was almost touching him. He pulled me closer and kissed my neck, which is one of my biggest weakness I had to move.

“Unzip me please” I requested.

A sigh came from behind me as Brian pulled down my skirt. Turning around to face him I started to undo my blouse, standing just in my bra and thong I started to take my hair down and Brian stopped me.

“Leave it” Brian whispered.

His hand reaching up and wrapping my hair into his fingers, tugging it slightly causing my whole body to react. Chills down my spine, and my nipples harden against my bra. No more waiting, I needed, wanted to feel him deep inside me.

“You are a sexy mother fucker! Lets move this out to the baloney” I blurted out.

Removing my bra as I walked towards the door, the night air caused my skin to break out in goosebumps. Bending down to slip off my thongs, setting out of them. I stood bare breathing in the night air and calming myself before I get to excited.

“You look stunning” Brian muttered.

Moving over to the rail and leaning over it. Raising my ass higher I soon felt the tip of his cock against my awaiting cunt. Turning my head to the left I noticed the two people I saw in the elevator when I had his dick in my hands. Let’s give them a proper show now. Pushing back into him to slide all the way down, clinching my pussy tight around him. He felt so good inside me, laying his body onto of my back he grabbed ahold of the railing and started to thrust into me. Winking at our voyeurs I began to match his stride.

Fuck me!

His fingers digging into my shoulder now pumping harder and harder. My head being pulled back as Brian yanked onto my ponytail.

Harder! Fuck me harder!

My ribs pushing into the rail was starting to sting a bit, my body covered with sweat. Brian’s body heat mixing with mine made the air around us thick. Wanting to move but, stay out here I pulled away from Brian.

“Sit down” I point to the chair.

Adjusting myself as I straddled my legs over Brian’s lap. Using my hand to guide his cock back inside me I began to slide back and forth, I couldn’t get enough of him.

Grab my ass, pull me deeper into you.

Letting him move my body into his, I looked over his shoulder and saw our watchers have moved over to keep watching us. My moans started to carry out into the air, I loved hearing Brian as we fucked in the chair.


Combing my fingers though his hair, pushing his head back as another orgasms waved over me. My body was responding powerfully to everything he was doing. I wanted him in every way possible.

“Take me to the bed” I hummed into his ear.

Without missing a stroke Brian picked me up and carried me to bed, smiling at our watchers I waved by. He tossed me down and spread my legs open, diving into me he started to eat my pussy. He had a hurricane tongue, causing me to flush but, he didn’t stop. Teasing my clit as he reached up to start fingering me.

Fuck! Don’t stop, use two fingers! OH GOD YES! YES!

Cumming hard again, my legs trembling to the point I had to rub my thighs to calm them down. My breath was heavy and I felt lightheaded.

“ I want more” Brian moaned, licking his lips.

Not moving, I just laid there as Brian laid between my legs. I needed, I wanted more as well but, he could wait a bit longer. I moved my legs from under him and moved down towards his cock. Slowly teasing his ball and shaft with my nails. He grew harder with each touch, bending down I used the tip of my tongue to lick around the head of his cock. In one fluid movement I took him all in my mouth. I felt his hands on my head pushing me down further. Normally that action would have caused me to stop and say don’t do that but, now I didn’t mind actually I enjoyed it.

“I am going to cum” Brian exclaimed.

Moving my mouth all over him I soon felt the warmth of him fill up my mouth. Sweet and a little salty, I swallowed every last drop.

“You taste delicious” I remarked, raising my head up.

A smile laid upon his face while I stood up. Catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror, my body red, imprints of his fingers on my ass where he dug into me. I loved the freshly fucked look my body was showing me. Longing for more but, I wanted to take a nice hot shower first.

“ Meet me in the shower, I am ready for round two and you better be ready” I advised with a smile.

©2015 Angela Crum/Cherrydarling

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The Bachelorette Party….

Once everyone finally showed up at the hotel there was about thirteen of us, ready to have a great time. We all met up in one of the two rooms, shots were passed around and tiled back. One of the girls looked up on her phone for clubs we could go to. We all started to changed our clothes , freshen up our makeup and get ready to hit the town.

We all looked good.
We all looked ready—— for anything and everything this bachelorette party was going to bring.

Plans made, two groups, one decided to walk to the club and the other took a cab. There was a magic in the air. Something exciting was going to happen tonight and I was going to make sure it did.

“Hurry up! The manager is letting us in without a cover charge!” One of the girls yelled, as we made our way to the club.

Soon the music was pumping through my body. It has been sometime since I’ve been out like this. Taking off my coat as another girl took all our coats over to the coat check. We all made our way to the bar and took another shot. I started to feel more relaxed. The dj was playing some great songs, and soon we all found our way to the dance floor.

“We need another drink1” Lisa shouted.

“I’ll go and get them” I replied.

I had planned on buying a round anyway. It took me a few minuets to make my way to the bar through the crowd. I leaned up against the bar and waited my turn to order.

“13 lemon drops please” I yelled over the music.

“Charge them to the bar, Hi, my name is Alexander. I own this club” Alexander said, extending this hand out to me.

He was dressed in a slate gray suit, hair slicked back. His blue eyes staring through me. I couldn’t tell if I was blushing from him or not. I shook his hand and as soon as I felt it in mine. I wanted to feel them on me. All over me.

“If you need anything, anything at all just find me” Alexander said, then slipping into the crowd.

I picked up the tray of drinks and headed back to the girls. We each took a glass, held it high and cheered Lisa as we all dipped our heads back.

“Lisa has the best bachelorette party!” The dj announced!

We all yelled and waved up at him. We do have a great group. The circle of men grew as we danced into the night. I soon found myself looking for Alexander. I didn’t know if it was the shots or just me, but I couldn’t help myself. I tried my best to look through the crowd, hard to see anyone with how dark it was inside here. Finally I caught him in my eye sight, he was heading into a backroom.

“I’ll be right back” I said into Lisa’s ear.

I sneaked passed a bouncer and slowly opened the first door I came up to. I tried my best not to make any noise. His back was facing me. I was just about to say something.

“This is for employees only” Alexander said, not turning around.

“I just wanted to thank you for letting us in and the drinks” I said.

I walked all the way in, shutting the door behind me. He was looking at something and didn’t reply. I just stood by the door, waiting. I was just about to leave when he finally turned around. His tie slightly loose from around his neck and he started to walk towards me.

Before I had another change to say anything, he was standing right in front of me. His cologne circling me. Bora Bora I knew the smell very well.

“You’re all very welcome” Alexander said, smiling at me.

I put out my hand out to shake his again. It was soon placed above me along with my other hand. Our faces so close, eye to eye. I was slightly shocked, well I think it was more excitement than anything.

“Thank –

Quickly his soft looking lips were pressed against mine, his tongue forcing its way into my mouth. His body all the way up pressed into mine. I yanked my hands away and started to fumble with my clothes. Alexander pulled away from me. He took my hands and placed them on his belt. I started to undo his pants as he started on mine. Flipping off my boots, my jeans were soon down around my feet and I slipped out of them. He picked me up and back up against the door. My legs wrapped around him tightly.

I let out a sigh as he placed himself inside me. Thrusting harder as soon as all of his length was deeper in me. I embraced him and pulled him as closer to me as I could. I couldn’t get enough. His mouth over mine, keeping me from screaming as I reached my orgasm. My whole body became full of shakes, flushed red and covered with goosebumps.

Gently he removed himself from me, and I held close to the door. I felt so lightheaded from such a proper fucking.

“You can use my private bathroom if you like” Alexander said, picking up my clothes for me.

I took my jeans and panties from him and walked into his restroom. I cleaned myself up and put my clothes back on. I wondered if the girls were wondering where I went.

“Here is my card, if you are ever back here let me know” Alexander said, as he kissed me one more time. I slipped the card into my back pocket, slipped on my boots and headed back out to the bar.

“Where have you been?” Lisa asked.

“I was outside, getting some air” I replied.

I could tell by her smirk she knew I wasn’t telling the truth. I would tell her later. It was becoming last call. We all got our coats and just as we came here, some walked back to the hotel and some took a cab. Two suites filled us all.

“I’m sharing a bed with you” Lisa said.

We all hugged and said our goodnights. I pulled out my pjs and headed to the bathroom for a fast shower. His smell was still fresh on my skin. When I got into our room Lisa was already in bed awake texting in her phone. She pulled back the covers for me as I got in.

“So, um are you going to tell me where you went for about twenty minuets?” Lisa asked.

“I went to find the manager and thank him” I said, not looking at her.

“Yeah,,,,,right” Lisa giggled.

“Well, I did thank him, and I want to thank you for a great time” I said, laying on my side to face her.

I pulled her closer to me and laid a soft kiss on her lips. Our hands reaching over to each other. Lisa’s skin felt like silk under my fingers. I pulled her closer to me. Since the beginning of the day I’ve thought about everything I wanted to do to her.

Laying kisses on her neck, the crease of her shoulder. I rolled her over to her back, I lifted her black tank top. Taking one of her nipples into my mouth, her moans let me know I was doing it right. My right hand traveled down her stomach and landed right above her pussy. I ran my fingernails over her tender flesh. Between thinking of what happened in the bar and sharing a bed with Lisa I was reeling with such emotions. I have never done anything like this before.

My middle finger slipped in between her lips and found her wet and ready. Her hips raised up to meet my hand. Each movement in and out I could feel her getting wetter, it was running down my hand. I wanted and needed to taste her. I inched myself down her and placed my mouth on her sweet cunt. Lisa’s hands found there way deep into my hair and pushed me deeper into her. She tasted amazing, I wrapped my lips around her plumb clit and soon she came on my face. I felt her body relax against me and I moved back up to my spot in the bed.

“Thank you!” Lisa said, breathlessly.

I soon felt her hands on my tits as she began to tease my nipples, biting my neck. I did everything in my power to keep my moans to a dull roar so I didn’t wake the other girls in the room. Her hand my sex awaiting her hand. She sightly pulled on my clit ring and swiftly began to finger fuck me. One finger, two fingers, and then soon three. I couldn’t help myself as I let out a thunderous moan of absolute pleasure that Lisa was bestowing me.

Once again my body was full of shakes and I was rolling on another great climax. Lisa curled up next to me and before we drifted off to sleep she whispered into my ear that in the morning I needed to tell her what happened with the manager from the club.


p.s. This story is 50% truth and 50% just a story….

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I want to enlighten you.
Let me tell you what I want.
Up against the wall, my legs wrapped around you.
Your hands on my ass holding me up.
Fingers slightly grazing my sex.
A kiss that leaves me weak and breathless.
Your fingers wrapped in my hair, pulling my head back as you nibble and bite my neck.
Take me.
Take me as I’m up against the wall.
Hold my wrists up above me, keep me in place.
Don’t stop-
Keep going, until I scream and keep going after.
Hold me tightly until I come down from your enlightenment..

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Devour me..
Take all of me.
I want to see splash down into a pool of desire.
I want to keep this feeling going.
I long for it all.
Your sensual pleasures.
Your skills.
You are a master.
You know my body.
You know its reactions to what you do.
I want more..

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Make me cum…..
Let’s make this fun…..
Under the booth at dinner, your hand Slipping up my skirt…
Trying to be still-
But your touch is to much….
Just as I reach the point of a pleasure.
The point of release..
Just as I’m about to cum,,,,,
You stop….
“Not yet baby”,,,,
Don’t make me wait longer….
The touch of your hand, mouth feels like a drug- and I’m addicted..
The feel of your cock deep inside me- just the thought could make me cum.
I don’t know how long I can wait.  

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